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Wireshark 1.8.7

Por Wireshark.org  (Open Source)
Valoración de los usuarios

# The following bugs have been fixed:
- The Windows installer and uninstaller does a better job of detecting running executables.
- Library mismatch when compiling on a system with an older Wireshark version.
- A console window is never opened.
- GSM_MAP show malformed Packets when two IMSI.
- Fix include and libs search path when cross compiling.
- PER dissector crash.
- pcap-ng: name resolution block is not written to file on save.
- Incorrect RTP statistics (Lost Packets indication not ok).
- Decoding of GSM MAP E164 Digits.
- Silent installer and uninstaller not silent.
- Replace use of INCLUDES with AM_CPPFLAGS in all Makefiles to placate recent autotools.
- Wifi details are not stored in the Decryption Key Management dialog (post 1.8.x).
- IO Graph should not be limited to 100k points (NUM_IO_ITEMS).
- geographical_description: hf_gsm_a_geo_loc_deg_of_long 24 bit field truncated to 23 bits.
- IRC message with multiple params causes malformed packet exception.
- Part of Ping Reply Message in ICMPv6 Reply Message is marked as "Malformed Packet".
- MP2T wiretap heuristic overriding ERF.
- Cannot read content of Ran Information Application Error Rim Container.
- Endian error and IP:Port error when decoding BT-DHT response message.
- wireshark crashes while displaying I/O Graph.
- GTPv2 MM Context (UMTS Key, Quad, and Quint Decoded) incorrectly.
- DTLS 1.2 uses wrong PRF.
- RTP DTMF digits are no longer displayed in VoIP graph analysis.
- Universal port not accepted in RSA Keys List window.
- Wireshark Dissector bug with HSRP Version 2.
- LISP control packet incorrectly identified as LISP data based when UDP source port is 4341.
- Bad tcp checksum not detected.
- AMR Frame Type uses wrong Value String.
# Updated Protocol Support
- AMR, ASN.1 BER, BAT, Bluetooth DHT, BSSGP, DTLS, E.164, Ericsson A-bis OML, GSM A, GSM MAP, HDFSDATA, ICMP, ICMPv6, ixveriwave, IRC, KDSP, LISP Data, MMS, NFS, OpenWire, PPP, RELOAD, RTP, SASP, SIP, SSL/TLS, TCP, UA3G
# New and Updated Capture File Support
- Endace ERF, NetScreen snoop.