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# The following bugs have been fixed:
* Move Y.1711 out of MPLS dissector.
* Patch: Add frame.interface_id support for ERF file format.
* Freeze when Resizing or Moving while capturing.
* Wireshark crashes when using multiple files.
* Wireshark crashes on opening very short NFS pcap file.
* Analyze->Apply as Filter and Analyze->Prepare a Filter cause crashes.
* crashes in interface list, pipe handling.
* ISDN LAPD X.31 packet traffic can not be decoded.
* GIOP request_id used for sub dissectors is not assigned when decoding GIOP 1.2 Request message.
* pcap-ng -ISB always writes 0 for isb_ifrecv option.
* GSM classmark3 decode wrong.
* mem corruption\heap corruption\div0 bugs.
* DNS AD flag not shown properly.
* Wireshark and TShark crash at start with invalid color filter on SPARC.
# Updated Protocol Support
* AFP, Apache JServ Protocol v1.3, Bluetooth L2CAP, CIP, CTDB, DCP ETSI, ERF, EtherCAT Mailbox, FC Link Control, GIOP, GSM A, GSM RLC MAC, GTP, GTPv2, ISDN, LISP, MongoDB, MPLS ITU-T Y.1711 OAM, MPLS PM, NFS, RTPS2, SCTP, STUN, XTP
# New and Updated Capture File Support
* Ixia IxVeriWave, pcap-ng

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