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WinSCP  5.9.3

Por WinSCP  (Open Source)
Valoración de los usuarios

* Translation completed: Croatian.
* Support for non-ASCII passphrases to client certificate files (.pfx/.p12 format).
* TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2j.
* Improvements to custom commands/extensions:
- New official extensions “Generate HTTP URL” and “Batch Rename”.
- The official extensions are compatible with PowerShell 2.0.
- The official extension “Find Duplicates” re-implemented using the Session.EnumerateRemoteFiles and the RemoteFileInfo.FullName.
- Site-specific extension options.
- Increased length limit for custom command and console.
- Allowing tabs in addition to spaces in extension file.
- Specific error messages about extensions are presented without irrelevant HTTP status code.
- Bug fix: Tab order on extension options dialog was broken, if the extension mixed options in and out of group box.
- Progress windows can be controlled using keyboard again.
- Scaling combo box drop down menu.
- Change: Not updating last access time of uploaded files with SFTP protocol to avoid problems with servers that do not support it.
- Bug fix: Failure when moving Download and Delete operation to background.
- Bug fix: Found folders were focusing incorrectly.
- Bug fix: Command-line toolbar command can be executed while another command was executing already.
- Bug fix: Wrong layout of Login dialog on monitors with low vertical resolution.
- Bug fix: Session instance could not be reused for multiple ScanFingerprint calls.
- Bug fix: Custom commands submenu with the other custom command type was not disabled when there was no such custom command.
- Bug fix: It was possible to load again the first extension in an extension folder.
- Bug fix: Failure when logging fails for background session or during log in.
- Bug fix: Failure when pressing Calculate button on Properties dialog, while another calculation is already in progress.

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Sabemos lo importante que resulta mantenerse seguro en la red, y por ello FileHippo utiliza la tecnología de escaneado de virus que Avira proporciona para asegurar que todas las descargas realizadas por medio de FileHippo son seguras. Es seguro instalar en tu dispositivo el programa que estás a punto de descargar.