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Descargar Vuze


Por Azureus  (Open Source)
Valoración de los usuarios

¿En qué consiste la garantía de protección de FileHippo?


Sabemos lo importante que resulta mantenerse seguro en la red, y por ello FileHippo utiliza la tecnología de escaneado de virus que Avira proporciona para asegurar que todas las descargas realizadas por medio de FileHippo son seguras. Es seguro instalar en tu dispositivo el programa que estás a punto de descargar.


* Core | Added a 'pause for' (or 'resume after') option to the File menu to temporarily suspend downloads for a time period
* Core | Added option to prevent automatic copy to iTunes after conversion to allow tagging
* Core | Option to place 'do not download' stub files into a subdirectory (currently limited to downloads with <= 2048 files for performance reasons)
* Core | Added ability to prefer the IPv4 stack to help with some connection issues on Java 1.7
* Core | Vuze now attempts to detect if you are running over a VPN and prompt you to bind to the VPN interface for increased privacy
* Core | Added ability to specify alternative DNS servers (default=Google DNS) to be used when resolving SOCKS proxies
* Core | Vuze now detects if an explictly bound interface is present when you start Vuze
* Core | Added option to close Vuze/perform computer power functions when transcoding completes
* Core | Added a .vuze file format for setting configuration items (e.g. installing a SOCKS proxy)
* Core | Added a customisation file type for configuration settings
* Core | Support php-like variable substitution in search template field names
* UI | Added 'create torrent' command to console UI
* UI | Ability to show Vuze uptime added to Library headers
* UI | Number of selected torrents now shown in Library headers
* UI | Added a network binding staus icon to the status bar showing peer connection bindings
* UI | The 'Transfers' view of the Statistics panel now shows connection routing details
* UI | Added a SOCKS icon to the status bar - shows status and in particular if non-proxied incoming connections are being received
* UI | Added a SOCKS status area to the Transfers view showing SOCKS proxy status
* UI | Under Options->Connection->Proxy Options there is now a 'test' button to check proxy status
* UI | Added download context menu option to show the link that was used to download a torrent (where available)
* UI | Added Help->Advanced option to show a torrent's details without loading the torrent into Vuze
* UI | Added a 'browse to generated torrent' button to the new-torrent wizard
* Core | Automatically accept unknown SSL certificated from HTTPS trackers (option to revert behaviour if required)
* Core | Made it possible to disable the DNS tracker extension support as some users experiencing issues with their AV software and increased DNS activity
* Core | Handle remote clients with no cookie support better
* Core | Improved the 'reset configuration state' behaviour somewhat
* UI | The new-torrent wizard will now prompt to overwrite the created torrent file if one already exists with same name
* UI | Don't permit the auto-hiding of soem devices we know should never auto-hide
* UI | Spanish translation updated
* UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update
* UI | Korean translation update
* UI | Romanian translation update
* Core | Fixed a SOCKS issue regarding local UPnP services
* Core | Fixed error caused by read-only plist causing incorrect 'document dir' default under OSX
* Core | Don't block Vuze initialisation when reading UPnP state from 'slow' routers
* UI | Fixed bug where the upload speed options were sometimes missing in the right-click status icon menu
* UI | Dialogs weren't be centered correctly under some circumstances
* UI | Show pairing errors in remote-pairing dialog
* UI | Fix columns not being able to change their default alignment because user saved an unchanged alignment for it
* UI | Fix AllPeersView nad PeersView getting their subviews mixed up
* UI | Fix All Peers View not showing subviews (Piece Map, etc)
* UI | Fix ever growing listeners list bug
* UI | Some statistics sub-views weren't opening correctly