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Descargar Tixati 2.55

Tixati 2.55

Por Tixati Software Inc  (Freeware)
Valoración de los usuarios

Tixati is a peer-to-peer file sharing application, which uses the popular BitTorrent protocol. The BitTorrent protocol allows numerous peers to form a collective swarm and download large files with maximum efficiency.Tixati uses advanced bandwidth charting of overall traffic and per-transfer traffic, with separate classification of protocol and file bytes and separate classification of outbound traffic for trading and seeding.


  • Peer connection encryption for added security.
  • Highly flexible bandwidth throttling, including trading/seeding proportion adjustment and adjustable priority for individual transfers and peers.
  • Super-efficient peer choking/unchoking algorithms ensure the fastest downloads.

System Requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP. 1 GHz+ Processor. Minimum 256 MB RAM. Display with 1024x768 resolution.

Título: Tixati 2.55
Nombre de fichero: tixati-2.55-1.win32-install.exe
Tamaño de fichero: 13.15MB (13,793,944 bytes)
Requisitos: Windows (Todas las versiones)
Idiomas: Múltiples idiomas
Licencia: Freeware
Fecha añadida: 11 de agosto de 2017
Autor: Tixati Software Inc
MD5 Checksum: 08863A4A2643142A27DE38377DA3E7F1

GUI dynamic control positioning framework has been overhauled for less flicker and jitter during resizing, and more flexible layouts.
Ctrl-v in transfers window will open magnet links from clipboard.
Windows Uniscribe rendering now supports FontFallback specification, so all Unicode code points will now render on any system.
Seeding ratio limit at lowest setting (0.01) immediately stops seeding.
Numerous compatibility updates to HTTP client that supports trackers and RSS.
Major overhaul of Linux treeview controls to fix several issues with column sizing, rendering, and expander lockout.
Added work-around for crash in Uniscribe when it attempts to process UTF-16 surrogate pairs with unknown script type.
Optimized DNS resolver to handle more simultaneous outgoing requests and process timeouts more gracefully.
Several protocol updates to channel peer-peer connections to consume less bandwidth and synchronize quicker.
Better file error/corruption detection throughout the program.
Overhaul of directory watch layer (inotify/ReadDirectoryChangesW) for more efficient and reliable operation.
Further adjustment of DHT rate-limits to better filter requests from poorly implemented remote clients that cause request flooding.
Updated IP location tables from 2017/08/09 delegation lists.
Several other minor GUI fixes and adjustments.

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