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Descargar Pidgin 2.4.1

Pidgin 2.4.1

Por Gaim  (Open Source)
Valoración de los usuarios

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2.4.1 (3/31/2008):
Stu: We fixed some bugs, this release should be 110% better than 2.4.0

John: Well, I didn't really do much this release except muck about with
the configure script. Blame me if it worked in 2.4.0 but doesn't now.

Will: We seem to be falling into a nice pattern of releasing on the last
day of a month. Hypothetical AIX users might be pleased to learn that
Pidgin might actually run for them now!

version 2.4.1 (03/31/2008):

* Treat AIM Unicode messages as UTF-16 rather than UCS-2; this
should have no functional effect, other than continued support
on systems which have dropped UCS-2 conversions.
* Add support for setting buddy icons on Gadu-Gadu (Tomasz Salacinski)
* Fix a crash when clearing the buddy icon for an account on XMPP
* Fix a crash during login for some ICQ accounts
* Prefer more available resources on XMPP when priorities are equal
* Fix incorrectly marking some Yahoo! contacts as blocked
* Improved handling of UTF-8 group names on ICQ (beret)
* Fix a crash when starting if you have a Zephyr account
* Increase XMPP ping timeout to 120 seconds, to prevent poor network
connections from timing out unnecessarily.
* Don't crash on XMPP forms with empty default values.
* Fix issues with CHAP authentication for SOCKS5 proxies.
* Fix cross-compiling for Win32 when using GCC 4.x

* Remove a workaround for older versions gstreamer that was causing
crashes on some non-Linux systems such as HPUX
* Fix some cases of the conversation input entry area being 1 pixel high
* Fix for displaying channel & buddy names in conversation window when
they have '&' in them
* Some memory leak fixes, especially in the Text Replacement plugin
* Rectangular but non-square buddy icons have rounded corners in the buddy

* Fix compiling with Glib older than 2.6
* Ensure existing conversations selected from the 'Send IM' dialog are
given focus
* Move the tooltip on the left of the buddylist if there's not enough room
on the right to show it.