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PeaZip 5.6.1

Por Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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* Added read only support (list, test, extract) to RAR5 format through RarLab's unrar
- currently the plugin is available only for Windows or Wine/ReactOS, Linux version will be analyzed and tested for future updates
- due the non-OSI compatible unrar restriction (even if the software provides sources and is royalty-free) the software is available as separate plugin on Add-Ons page
- due the different syntax between RarLab's unrar and 7z/p7zip's unrar, following differences apply when handling RAR5 format
> recursivity with advanced filters is always enabled
> renaming options always rename the file being extracted
- Added LIBRE_DIRECTIVE option to disallow any call to software which is non-free under OSI definition
> if set to 0 (permissive) PeaZip will use all available backend, both free-as-in-freedom and royalty-free
> if set to 1 (flexible) PeaZip will disallow any call to royalty-free but non free-as-in-freedom backend, currently: unace and unrar binaries
> if set to 2 (strict) PeaZip will disallow calls even in case of dubious status, currently apply to unrar functions in 7z/p7zip due to non-reversibility clause
- Various minor fixes