Descargar Paint.NET 4.0.10

Paint.NET  4.0.10

Por Rick Brewster  (Freeware)
Valoración de los usuarios

- New: The canvas may now be scrolled past the edge of the image
- New: When holding the spacebar, you may scroll using the keyboard arrow keys (in addition to click-and-drag panning). Holding Ctrl will scroll at 10x the rate.
- New: You can now hold Ctrl+Shift while clicking on the floating window icons in order to reset their location and docking. Ctrl+Shift along with the appropriate hotkey (F5, F6, F7, F8) also does the trick.
- Improved: The rate of auto-scrolling, which triggers when the mouse is at the canvas edge and a button is being held down, has been improved and is based on time instead of frames
- Improved: Fixed Size selection drawing now defaults to 400x300 pixels instead of 4x3 inches
- Improved: Tooltips for Custom Shapes now include their file system location
- Improved: Edit->Invert Selection should perform much faster when used with unmodified selections from the Magic Wand tool
- Improved: When running within VMWare, "Hardware accelerated rendering" is disabled by default (Microsoft's WARP is faster than VMWare's D3D emulation)
- Fixed: Erratic brush/pencil drawing when running within VMWare (this is caused by a bug in Win32's GetMouseMovePointEx API, and is not actually limited to VMWare)
- Fixed: Color Picker tool could crash if used at the bottom of the image,
- Fixed: There was a glitch in the Gradient tool's rendering when dx was equal to dy,
- Fixed: The Layers window would sometimes auto-scroll the active layer to the bottom when performing certain operations,
- Fixed some mouse cursor glitches when using panning using the spacebar
- Fixed many glitches and a few crashes in the image size dialogs (File->New, Image->Resize, Image->Canvas Size)
- Fixed a problem with inconsinstently skipped input when using the arrow keys to move tool handles,
- Fixed: Custom Shapes did not always have the correct bounding box, and would have weird behavior as a result
- Fixed: Line/Curve handles were unusable for up to 500ms after adjusting properties in the toolbar
- Fixed some crashes and soft hangs in the Save Configuration dialog
- Fixed a blemish at the top of the main window when Windows is set to 200% DPI
- Fixed: There were some precision bugs with IndirectUI sliders that would cause them to get "stuck" at certain values (mostly affects effect plugins)
- Improved: IndirectUI's Angle Chooser control now supports the DecimalPlaces property (for plugins)
- Improved: IndirectUI's Slider controls now support all-negative ranges (e.g. [-200, -20])

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