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Paint.NET 4.0.6

Por Rick Brewster  (Freeware)
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* New: You can now create and install custom shapes for the Shapes tool.
* New: Updated to work better with Windows 10.
* New: Increased the maximum brush size to 2000.
* New: IndirectUI-based effect plugins can now provide help text, accessible via the question mark button.
* New: Effect plugins may now access the current palette via IPalettesService.
* Improved: Reduced memory usage of brush tools when using large brush sizes.
* Fixed: Holding shift to constrain the angle of the roll control (Layers -> Rotate/Zoom) wasn't working correctly.
* Fixed: Various shapes (hexagon, pentagon, triangle, etc.) are now symmetric when holding the shift key.
* Fixed: Multiple high-dpi blemishes in the main window and many dialog boxes (Settings, Save Configuration, all effect dialogs, etc.)
* Fixed: Various minor/rare crashes.