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Descargar NSIS 2.38

NSIS 2.38

Por Nullsoft  (Open Source)
Valoración de los usuarios

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NSIS 2.38 is released. This release fixes a bug that caused stack pollution for
nsDialogs users and the usual collection of bug fixes and minor improvements.
nsDialogs users are urged to upgrade.

Major Changes

* Fixed a bug in nsDialogs that caused it to pollute the stack if callbacks
are not set for each control (bug #2013317)

Minor Changes

* Added IfNotThen support for LogicLib (patch #1990761)
* Added support for NTFS mounts points on the directory page (bug #1946112)
* Fixed branding image control detection on Debian, due to improper
identification of static controls (bug #1951417)
* Log actual creation of directories and not just failures and final
directory (patch #1992325)
* Made log close when LogSet off is used (patch #1986692)
* Minor documentation improvements (including bug #1990955)
* MultiUser: Fixed MULTIUSER_INSTALLMODE_INSTDIR handling for the

Modern UI

* Document page leave callback function (bug #1964719)
* Fixed wasted variable warnings (bug #1995024)


* Fixed French translation of MUI_UNTEXT_FINISH_INFO_REBOOT (patch
* Removed non-ANSI characters from French display name (bug #1979491)
* Updated Slovenian (patch #2014106)