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Descargar NSIS 2.34

NSIS 2.34

Por Nullsoft  (Open Source)
Valoración de los usuarios

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NSIS 2.34 is released. This holiday season version features Modern UI 2 and a bag full of gifts for our users all around the world.

Release Notes

* Thanks to user input on Modern UI 2, it is now ready for mass consumption
at no better time than the holiday season. The installer for NSIS itself
now exploits the wonders of MUI2 and nsDialogs and so should you.

Major Changes

* Modern UI 2: Simpler code, easier to extend and makes use of the faster

Minor Changes

* Added IfNot support for LogicLib (patch #1846785)
* Added some deprecation messages in MUI2 (bug #1784470)
* Allow overwrite of LANGFILE_*_NAME defines in new LangFile.nsh (bug
* Better RTL support in instfiles and components page (bug #1841573)
* Fixed deletion of files with relative paths, a.k.a the EVE bug (bug
* Fixed input verification of GetCurInstType and GetFullPathName
* Fixed WordFind handling of MBCS characters (bug #1852141)
* Minor documentation improvements (including bug #1842326)
* Use CRLF in examples (bug #1835866)
* Warn of comments containing line-continuation character, only when it
really has an effect (bug #1701051, RFE #1686589)

Utilities and Plug-ins

* Added missing stack handling in nsDialogs examples
* Added NSD_GetState for checkboxes and radio buttons, NSD_SetFocus,
NSD_CreatePassword and NSD_CreateDropList (patch #1848940)
* Fixed documentation of nsDialogs::SelectFolderDialog (bug #1841120)
* Fixed NSD_CreateComboBox so it'd work like InstallOptions (bug #1851136)


* Bulgarian updates
* German fixes

Build System

* Fixed build issues on Mac OS (bug #1851365)
* Fixed endianity issues introduced in version 2.32 (bug #1851365)