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Macrium Reflect 5.2.6249

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# New:
* Windows PE download optimization
- The total Windows PE download size is now reduced from several GB to a few hundred MB. Required files are now automatically obtained when downloading the Macrium Reflect installer or by accessing the Rescue Media Build Wizard.
* Windows PE 4.0 available for XP, Vista and 7
- It's now possible to create Windows PE 4.0 (based on Windows 8) recovery media for all Windows Operating Systems. Windows PE 4.0 has more comrehensive hardware support than earlier versions of Windows PE.
* Windows Explorer Shell Extensions
- Macrium Reflect now has better integration with Windows Explorer and provides more information about image and backup files. Please see here for more information
* New uninstaller
- A new uninstaller provides additional options to remove all user settings and files.
* Windows PE driver search path improvements
- When Windows PE starts all local drives are now scanned for missing drivers in folder '\drivers'. A new file '\drivers\searchpaths.txt' can be edited to add additional paths, such as network shares.
* MBR/UEFI Multi boot rescue DVD
- Macrium Reflect now creates rescue DVD media that supports dual boot for both UEFI (GPT) and MBR on Windows 7/8/Server 2008/2012 systems. This makes the rescue media creation simpler and more comprehensive.
* File and Folder maximum individual file size in the backup increased.
- File and Folder backup now supports backing up individual files up to 1.6TB in size. The previous limit was 400GB.
* File and Folder backup memory usage and speed.
- File and Folder backups are now more memory efficient and faster for large backup sets.
# Bug fixes:
* Windows PE 4.0 USB 3.0 detection
- Fixed error with PE 4.0 incorrectly showing some USB 3.0 devices as unsupported
* Linux rescue CD error
- The Linux rescue CD could restore more partitions than selected in the rescue wizard. This has been resolved.
* VSS error when Windows installed on dynamic volumes
- If Windows is installed on a system using MS Dynamic Volumes then VSS could fail to snapshot the MSR and/or recovery partitions. This has been resolved.
* Clone failure with 'Broken Pipe' error
- The disk clone operation could fail with a 'broken pipe' read error if a cloned partition extended beyond the disk boundary. This has been resolved.
* Backup pause button crash
- A program error could occur if the 'Pause' button was pressed in the final stages of backup completion. This has been resolved.
* Comment in Incremental/Differential
- If the backup comment text was modified in the xml then the change was not reflected in the next Incremental/Differential backup. This has been resolved.
* Image restore issue with MS Office
- A disk image restore could cause a temporary repair install of MS Office when first run. This was caused by a VSS modification to a backup registry key used by Office. This has been resolved.