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Descargar Macrium Reflect 5.0.4351

Macrium Reflect 5.0.4351

Por Paramount Software UK Ltd  (Freeware No Comercial)
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# Scheduled Task Postpone
* Scheduled backup tasks now present a postpone option if the backup notification delay has been set in the Defaults
# Bug fixes:
* Definition Filename Issue
- A scheduled task may not run if the path or the xml file name contained '-full', '-inc' or '-diff'. This has been resolved.
* Free Edition Fix Boot Problems
- The Fix Boot Problems option may not work on 32 bit based rescue systems, this only affected Free Edition customers only. This has been resolved.
* UEFI Rescue Media Creation
- The creation of rescue media on UEFI systems would, on some motherboards, fail to create valid media. This has been resolved.
* Network Logon Defaults
- An issue where a configured network logon default would not match correctly with an XML definition was raised. This has been resolved.
* Rescue Media Drivers
- An issue where certain Perc RAID controllers were not being correctly handled for Server 2003 and SBS 2003 was raised. This has been resolved.
* DVD Backup Verify
- An issue where setting backup verification and using DVD media as the target would cause the optical drive tray to be ejected prior to the verify causing the verify to fail. This has been resolved.
* UEFI Recovery Boot Menu Option
- An issue where the recovery boot menu option failed to be set for some UEFI systems on install. This has been resolved.
* Recovery Boot Menu
- Pressing the 'OK' button twice when adding the Windows PE boot menu option could cause multiple boot menu entries. This has been resolved.
* Browse For Folders
- If Windows Explorer was set to hide system and hidden files then system and hidden files were also excluded from the browse dialogs in Macrium Reflect. This has been resolved.
* Rescue Media USB3 Root Hub Detection
- Some USB3 root hubs were not being correctly matched during the rescue media creation process. This has been resolved.
* WinPE Boot Process
- During the WinPE boot process some USB devices would not be detected or have drivers loaded due to being uninitialized. This has been resolved.
* Fix Boot Problems
- Running Fix Boot Problems would render the bootmgr file to become visible and thereby accessible to standard user accounts. This has been resolved.