Descargar LibreOffice 3.6.0 Beta 3

LibreOffice 32-bit 3.6.0 Beta 3

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- dmapper: fix margin values vs SBkc = 0 at the end of the doc
- dmapper: take care of border width when setting margins
- big formula performance improvement for xlsx import &
- big formula performance improvement for xlsx import &
- dmapper: don't import fake paragraph containing sectpr only, take two
- dmapper: sprmCHpsBi should affect sprmCHps, if the later is not set
- fixed help for Merge/Split Cells
- fix error in calculation of page number of SwRect
- hsqldb properly escape automatically built names
- form wizard recognise "#" also at beginning of line
- add help for Defaults and Formula option pages (Calc)
- sw: fix collapsing border painting more
- cache fontconfig font substitutions
- use hyphen for copyright range in About box
- update help page for Tools - Options - LibreOffice - General
- dmapper: fix margin values vs SBkc = 0 at the end of the doc
- missing TOC entries in help
- search dialog shourtcut on Mac
- preserve sheet name input of invalid reference
- optionally turn on Quickstarter by installer
- dmapper: fix headery/footery default value
- in N() pop string constant before pushing result
- cache fontconfig font substitutions
- don't export zoom factor when zoom type is not percent
- uploading libvisio 0.0.18, fixing
- only export the supported number of rows/columns,
- pass the ScRangeList directly to improve performance,
- don't default to desktop pollution
- estonian translation for keyboard shortcuts
- remove totally mis-placed 'static' keyword.
- setting DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH in python script appears unnecessary
- fix RTF export of direct run formatting for empty paragraphs
- address DataSource dialog fails on throws
- set the zoom only once, prevents infinite loop,
- fix sdext extensions on Windows
- repaint all cells if NULL is passed.
- use multi-list box for subtotal dialog.
- disable stream copy when saving a file with 'Changes Record' active
- properly set pivot item 'empty' on empty cells.
- fix RemoveExtensions custom action
- optionally associate Visio file types (vsd/vst) to Draw
- we still need to check that we have a token,
- if no new cell exists, create hidden broadcaster cell,
- update of selection mode help page
- adapted help content of N(), errors are propagated
- propagate error in ScInterpreter::GetDoubleOrStringFromMatrix() dependency)
- the end of the formula is the closing bracket,
- fix incomplete slide number info in status bar
- handle single cell conditional formats correctly,
- fix incremental search / buffer switching hang/crash
- avoid double deletion of a text portion.
- show correct preview when opening the dialog,
- correctly calculate scroll bar position, related
- do not attempt to compile running formula cell related)
- do not ask for parameters if all have already been given
- check for invalid tab number,
- repair broken undo
- sw: fix collapsing border painting more.

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