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LibreOffice  3.6.0 RC 2

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* resize controls on Solver dialog of Calc
* make ctrl-8 and 9 increase/decrease font size in Swedish
* objects having line thickness misplaced while pasting.
* related: stale gdi font handles apparently still used
* revert "attempt fix of hang on base close, due to solarmutex deadlock on join"
* data Form dialog layout fix
* revert "fix excel row height export problems ( I hope ) "
* populate composedCommandNames ASAP, not at call of getFromClause
* do not wrap CannotActivateFactoryException as DeploymentException
* refresh row lazily (when data is requested)
* make reportbuilder work again
* FormatNumber can handle sal_uInt32 values after all...
* use correct value to check for min and max
* disable edit field for min and max type
* temporary, band-aid fix.
* show comments in the navigator
* -1 is small while STRING_NOTFOUND was great
* take website url from configuration
* use vector::insert instead
* ICU breakiterator not used for Khmer
* update Danish dictionaries (2.1)
* prevent double delete in calc's html parser
* use Unicode functions for QuickStarter tooltip
* fix presenter console display switching
* objects having line thickness misplaced while pasting.

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