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Descargar Dexpot 1.6.0

Dexpot 1.6.0

Por Dexpot GbR  (Freeware)
Valoración de los usuarios

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* New
- DexControl: Interactive Full-screen preview and integrated Window catalog
- Multiple monitor support
- Icon customization: Create a separate folder for each desktop
- MouseEvents plugin: Hot Corners & Mouse wheel switching
- Ability to exlude monitors from desktop switching
- Assign applications
- Persistent taskbar: Keep all taskbar buttons visible
- Customization of desktop backgrounds for each monitor
- Load Dexpot profiles via shortcut
- Redesigned Desktop Manager and Desktop Preview
- Revised desktop names overlay
- Many beautified dialogs
- Fancy new icons almost everywhere
- Redesigned About dialog
- Plugin API extensions
- Hide Dexpot components when a full-screen application is active
- CTRL + Single click on 'One icon per desktop' launches Window catalog for a single desktop
- Automatic recovery of off-screen windows
- Option to allow hotkeys without modifier keys
- Added missing hotkeys, e.g. "Always on top"
- Delete all hotkeys of a category at once
- DexTab Task switcher scrolling capabilities
- DexTab Task switcher drag-and-drop support
- Show empty desktops in DexTab Task switcher
- Middle mouse button closes windows in DexTab Task switcher
- Arrow keys change selection in DexTab Task switcher and Desktop switcher
- Desktop Preview auto-close option
- When disabling the "Always on top" option, the Desktop Manager gets pinned to the desktop
- Wrap-around option for Dexgrid
- Windows can now be dragged along when switching desktops with Dexgrid
- Hiding the system tray on Windows 7 leaves "Show Desktop" button visible
- Fit and Fill wallpaper support for Windows XP and Vista
- Assuming a compatible Dexpot installation is present, dexpot.exe can now be run outside the Dexpot program folder
- Relative paths for portable version
- Automatic transfer of settings when started with an empty portable.ini
- Unicode desktop names and registry access
- Option to disable Dexcube when on battery
- Dexpot64.exe launches Dexpot
- Dexpot Updater can restart Dexpot
- Resizable Desktop Windows
- Easy license key pasting
- 30-day evaluation period for commercial use
* Fixed
- Fixed errors with windows copied to all desktops, then closed on specific desktops ("Magic sticky")
- Improved compatibility with DisplayFusion 4 Pro
- Fixed Dexcube spinning direction
- Fixed an issue with Taskbar Pager where default settings could not be loaded correctly
- Fixed problem with Remote Desktop windows not being hidden on desktop switch
- Fixed issue with Single Document Interfaces
- Fixed drag-and-drop issues in Desktop Preview