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Descargar dBpowerAMP Music Converter 14.1

dBpowerAMP Music Converter 14.1

Por Illustrate  (Versión comercial de prueba)
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* Property Handler by default does not register certain extensions (such as .mp4), these exclusions can be set in dMC Configuration
* Property Extension now registers 'Title' for viewing in explorer
* Added Period to Property Handler
* Shell Extension, old popup info tip stored so when uninstalled is restored
* Explorer ID Tag writer - if cannot write the tags has Retry, Cancel not just OK

# CD Ripper
* Improved Insert CD page (in relation to main form)
* New option to set a maximum file size in KB, defaults to 256KB
* Shows AccurateRip matches from other pressings in the log, upto 6 matches
* Default secure output log named as: [rippedtopath]\[IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][] - [album].txt
* Default secure output log written as unicode
* Click art work to review shown art at maximum size
* Album art shown in display without the surrounding case
* Meta Drop Menu - option to clear metadata
* 8KB Transfers (C2 Pointers over USB / Firewire) should work now in more instances
* Multiple Sort Values shown in CD Ripper and Tag Editor as Item1; Item2 (previously was Item1{CR}Item2)
* If CD Ripper is moved to another desktop then will retain the correct background
* PerfectMeta downgrades an artist if is: Various Artist Various Artists Various
* PerfectMeta downgrades when the number of tracks returned does not match the number of tracks on the disc
* AccurateRip.dll v4 (collates disc TOCs, updated message about key disc cannot be used)

# Batch Converter
* Better Network browsing
* Was possible to drag headers, but should not have been possible
* Works with 'dBpoweramp Batch Convert' and UNC paths
* Added the ReplayGain tags to the list page
* Music Converter <> Multi-Encoder, now show true encoding speed when encoding to multiple formats
* Multi-Encoder allows use of [encoder] in dynamic naming
* Multi-Encoder works with Playlist Writer, Album ReplayGain (should be most items which previously did not work with multi-encoder)
* Internet Album Retrieval Page optimized, also has a 'Sort Largest to Smallest' button
* Manual Meta Review window has alternating white and light gray background rows, so is easier to compare words on the same row
* Manual Meta Review: drawing speed enhancements
* Background for Value-List fixed on White
* ID3v2: mp3 tagging option: to store YYYY MM DD in the date
* ID3v2: mp3 ArtistSort, ComposerSort - have to store multiples with '/' not CR
* FLAC encoder wording changed, also includes a FLAC Uncompressed encoding option (which stores audio uncompressed, for those who want WAVE PCM but with better ID Tagging).
* FLAC: ComposerSort, soloists, split internally correctly
* m4a Tagging splits multi ComposerSort, artist sort correctly

# Bug Fixes
* Com Scripting in x64 - .ReadIDTag and .WriteIDTag would previously not work
* Corrupted Album Art could freeze conversion
* dBpoweramp Configuration can save settings for limited user account