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Beyond Compare  4.1.7

Por Scooter Software Inc  (Shareware)
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# Notable Changes
- Text Merge output files will now be written using file format external conversion settings.
- Various fixes and improvements.
# Archives
- Upgraded 7-zip libraries to 16.02 to fix code execution vulnerability in UDF (.img, .iso) decoder (CVE-2016-2334 and CVE-2016-2335).
- Windows: Added support for PKZip v1 legacy compression algorithms (Implode, Reduce, Shrink).
# Cloud Services
- Fixed support for Unicode paths and filenames on SharePoint WebDAV servers.
- Fixed support for connecting to Amazon S3 buckets in the eu-west-1 region that were created in 2013 and earlier.
- Fixed resource leak when uploading/downloading from Microsoft OneDrive.
- Windows: "Open With" for WebDAV profiles now passes http:// URLs to the requested application instead of BC-specific profile: ones.
- Improved error message if an S3 bucket is stored in an unrecognized AWS region.
- Fixed loading WebDAV folder listings that include empty getcontentlength entries.
# Command Line
- Fixed /fileviewer= switch to use fixed English phrases instead of translated strings.
# File Formats
- OS X/Linux: Fixed importing file formats with external helper executables.
- Fixed loading .docx files that have been modified using MiniZip.
# File Views
- "Save File Using Profile" now handles "Editing disabled" just like "Save File on File System As" does.
- Changed button caption in "Save Changes?" confirmation dialog from "Save None" to "Discard All".
# Installer
- .msi packages now use SHA-256 code signing signatures instead of SHA-1 ones.
# Misc
- Fixed support for scrolling using laptops/tablets with precision touchpads (.e.g, Surface Pro).
- OS X: Fixed support for Beyond Compare "Services" menu extensions in apps other than Finder.
- Added Japanese as an official language.
- Time limited license keys now show a warning on the Home view when close to the expiration, and show the expiration date in the About dialog.
# Options
- Improved appearance of Options dialog and Home view for themes with dark backgrounds.
# Reports
- Fixed Picture Compare Report to use printer DPI instead of screen DPI.
- Fixed Picture Compare Report handling of empty comparison.
- Fixed plain text output of right justified text.
- Fixed plain text output handling of gap lines.
- Fixed Table Compare plain text output of interleaved headers.
# Table Compare
- Fixed performance regression introduced in 4.1.4.
# Text Views
- Windows: Fixed displaying emoji characters when "Enable font linking in editors" is enabled.
- Linux: Fixed slow performance when long lines are visible.
# Text Merge
- Output files will now be written using file format external conversion settings.
# Crashes
- Windows: Fixed crash when opening a file on 64-bit Windows.
- Windows: Fixed crash when opening Options dialog to Tweaks panel while DisableCheckForUpdates registry tweak is active.

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