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AVG Free Edition  10.0.1120

Por AVG Technologies  (Freeware)
Valoración de los usuarios

- API: Updated system tray scan icon context menu.
- Anti-Rootkit: Improvements in anti-rootkit detection.
- AvgSys: Temporary log files are deleted after restart.
- Core: Detection of the next modification of Virut has been added.
- Core: Detection of Swizzor, modification 2009-11-18.
- Core: Swizzor detection is now much more generic.
- Core: Polymorphic malware detection methods have been improved and speeded up.
- Core: Speed improvement in static heuristics.
- Core: Thorough (more CPU consuming) scanning mode for elder viruses and obsolete exploits.
- Core: More flexible in algoritmic detection.
- Core: More reliable ETAP detection.
- Core: More stable on incomplete and non-standard files.
- Core: Virut definitions simplified.
- Core: Support for IMAP protocol added in Online Shield.
- Core: Added possibility to pause caching.
- E-mail Scanner: Logging support was added to The Bat plugins.
- E-mail Scanner: Adding spam information into e-mail headers in MS Outlook plug-in.
- E-mail Scanner: Added AntiSpam statistics.
- E-mail Scanner: Added support for IMAP protocol.
- General: Greatly improved overall performance.
- General: Introducing a new PC Analyzer component providing information on the computer status.
- General: Introducing new Product Improvement Programme targeted on overall Internet security level increase.
- General: Scanning engine updates do not depend on program updates.
- General: Added scanning for attempts to enter infection into system registry keys.
- Kernel: Scanning archive files for the Whole computer scan, Scheduled scan and Removable device scan was by default disabled.
- Kernel: Scheduled scans run in new sensitive mode by default.
- Kernel: Anti-Rootkit component is now available for free products.
- Kernel: IDP is now available for all AVG clients.
- Kernel: Created new library to replace AVG API in e-mail clients.
- Kernel: Added IMAP protocol support.
- Kernel: Added new /log parameter.
- Language: Added localization into European Spanish language.
- Outlook: New MS Outlook plug-in implemented.
- Outlook: MS Outlook plug-in is now able to report misclassified spam.
- Outlook: RTF certification works in all Outlook versions.
- Resident Shield: Fixed problem with occasional blocked deletion of files.
- Resident Shield: Fixed issue with specification of files to be excluded from RS scanning.
- Safe-Search: Improved accuracy of Safe Search verdicts.
- Safe-Search: Added support for and
- Safe-Surf: Scanning performance improvements.
- Safe-Surf: Add link checking support when sending messages in Facebook and MySpace.
- Scheduler: By default, the Whole computer scan is now disabled.
- Setup: New structure and visual style was implemented for the installation process.
- Setup: MSI setup has been implemented.
- Setup: Increased compatibility with Citrix systems.
- Setup: Log file path can now be set via LoggerPath command line parameter.
- Setup: OS restart is forced even when the workstation is locked (silent mode).
- Setup: AVG 8/AVG 9 will be uninstalled before AVG 10 installation.
- Toolbar: New version of Toolbar implemented.
- Update: MSI technology implemented to apply program updates.
- Update: Update files are internally signed by AVG certificate.
- Update: Added support of IPv6.
- User Interface: Introducing a new graphic style of AVG brand logo.
- User Interface: AVG 2011 comes with a new modern and easy to navigate visual style, and rearrangements in UI structure of several dialogs.
- User Interface: Added option to start computer scan from main UI.
- User Interface: Implemented new AVG Windows sidebar gadget.
- User Interface: Added possibility of immediate repair of any component error status using Fix all button accessible from the main UI.
- User Interface: Added possibility to scan whole computer after installation.
- User Interface: Add sound notification for update start/stop.

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