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- ld error “ld: in , unsupported address encoding (13) of personality function in CIE for architecture arm64 Compilation failed while
- executing : ld64 on packaging with WIN SDK.
- Can not obtain contex3d in nexus 6 and samsung note 4 having Lollipop 5.1
- Error occurred while installing the application:Installation Error: PackageExtractionFailed on iOS from Flash Builder
- "Error #3672: Buffer creation failed" while calling createVertexBuffer() to a Texture on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
- "Texture format mismatch" while uploading BitmapData to a Texture on Samsung Galaxy Tab
- Application crashes on playing any flv video using stage video
- When a simple App is created with just one List box, it works on the Desktop, but not on iOS.
- App crashes when getting and setting booleans through interfaces.
- Fixed compiler bug affecting packaging with windows SDK.
- [Android] Application with video texture applied, flickers on start up.
- [Android] Camera miniature is display at top-left corner when StageVideo video is playback where as working on desktop.
- [Android] Camera continous auto focus feature not work on Android even Camera.setMode property set.
- Parameter firstLine must be non-null" Error on using TLFTextField
- Gamepad feature has been enabled.
- Camera flickers continuously on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Inch
- [Android] Multiple Hardware accelerated video cannot be played simultaneously
- FLV video is not working on render modes GPU and Direct while working fine on CPU render mode only; with both Mac and Win AIRSDK.