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Descargar Ad-Aware 2007 beta 6

Ad-Aware Antivirus Free 2007 Beta 6

Por Lavasoft  (Freeware No Comercial)
Valoración de los usuarios

Ad-Aware te da una completa protección anti-malware. Con monitorización en tiempo real, alertas de amenazas y actualizaciones automáticas puedes descansar tranquilo sabiendo que estás protegido.

  • Haz compras, gestiones bancarias y reservas de viajes online - Te mantenemos a salvo de ladrones de contraseñas, rastreadores de claves, spyware, troyanos, timadores online, usurpadores de identidad y otros potenciales cibercriminales.
  • Controla tu privacidad - Borra los rastros que vas dejando mientras navegas por la red – en navegadores como Internet Explorer, Opera y Firefox – con solo un click.
  • Consigue tranquilidad - Sabiendo que tu información personal está a salvo de intrusos peligrosos y fisgones.
Título: Ad-Aware 2007 beta 6
Nombre de fichero: aaw2007beta.msi
Tamaño de fichero: 13.97MB (14,648,832 bytes)
Requisitos: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Idiomas: Múltiples idiomas
Licencia: Freeware No Comercial
Fecha añadida: 21 de abril de 2007
Autor: Lavasoft
MD5 Checksum: B4769D31F71386EEA4112539F26320C6

* Added: Client for updating aaw 2007 software components.
* Added: Animated icon and possibility to cancel the scheduled scans.
* Added: TAI levels in Ad-Watch Processes.
* Added: Boot cleaner component for removal of resident threats at computer start-up.
* Added: Archive scanning fully implemented.
* Bugfix: Cookie scan in Ad-Aware that resulted in service crash.
* Bugfix: Removed an error in the scheduled definition file update that made the service crash.
* Bugfix: Cookie scanner in Ad-Watch.
* Bugfix: Process scanner in Ad-Watch.
* Bugfix: Detect, remove, quarantine and restore a bad URL in Internet Explorer and opera Default Search page.
* Bugfix: Detect, remove, quarantine and restore a bad URL in Internet Explorer and opera Start Page.
* Bugfix: Detect, remove, quarantine and restore a bad URL in Internet Explorer and Opera favorites.
* Bugfix: Quarantine on a bad URL as link on the desktop.
* Bugfix: Detect, remove and quarantine a bad URL in FireFox Start Page # Bugfix: Quarantine and replace registry data
* Bugfix: Restore a registry value and data from quarantine.
* Bugfix: Conditional registry scan.
* Bugfix: Restore folders for from quarantine containing files that have been quarantined.
* Added: Default skin changed to Icy Blue.
* Added: Replaced all infection list view controls with new list tree views; faster and more effective.
* Added: Setting "Let windows remove files at startup" under Clean tab.
* Added: Current path and object shows while scanning.
* Bugfix: Removed memory leak in quarantine tab(this fix may remove the TForm Access Violation error that some beta testers reported).
* Bugfix: Removed bug in Select Scan type page, where the buttons sometimes disappeared or did not fully display.
* Bugfix: Restructured behind the scenes to gain more speed and efficiency.
* Bugfix: There were slight GUI difference between using or not using WinXP Styles in previous betas. Now it will look the same with or without WinXP styles. This does not affect Win2000 OS.
* Bugfix: Fixed window resize issues.

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