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Descargar Ad-Aware 2007 beta 5

Ad-Aware Antivirus Free 2007 Beta 5

Por Lavasoft  (Freeware No Comercial)
Valoración de los usuarios

Ad-Aware te da una completa protección anti-malware. Con monitorización en tiempo real, alertas de amenazas y actualizaciones automáticas puedes descansar tranquilo sabiendo que estás protegido.

  • Haz compras, gestiones bancarias y reservas de viajes online - Te mantenemos a salvo de ladrones de contraseñas, rastreadores de claves, spyware, troyanos, timadores online, usurpadores de identidad y otros potenciales cibercriminales.
  • Controla tu privacidad - Borra los rastros que vas dejando mientras navegas por la red – en navegadores como Internet Explorer, Opera y Firefox – con solo un click.
  • Consigue tranquilidad - Sabiendo que tu información personal está a salvo de intrusos peligrosos y fisgones.
Título: Ad-Aware 2007 beta 5
Nombre de fichero: aaw2007beta.msi
Tamaño de fichero: 13.15MB (13,785,088 bytes)
Requisitos: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Idiomas: Múltiples idiomas
Licencia: Freeware No Comercial
Fecha añadida: 6 de abril de 2007
Autor: Lavasoft
MD5 Checksum: 4A88FB3CEA3043582B57C1095AFC7F79

* TrackSweep now cleans browser tabs in Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
* Registry scanning tweaked and more accurate in detecting infections.
* Basic detection and cleaning of static MRU (Most Recently Used) objects introduced.
* Archive scanning of compressed files added.
* Improved file signature detection of replicated and morphed malware.
* Core engine no longer detects and reports the same infection multiple times.
* Bug that forced GUI to shut down when malware injected itself fixed.
* Redesigned Ad-Watch GUI features a new layout and better functionality.
* Central event log created in Ad-Watch that is categorized by type, date and time.
* The list GUI component has been switched to a third-party component that is much more efficient than the previous beta (Ad-Watch).
* Custom graphical classes optimized and code rewritten to create a quicker GUI (Ad-Watch and Ad-Aware).
* 'Close' button now minimizes to tray instead of shutting down completely in the previous version (Ad-Watch).
* Random issue with the 'About' form fixed. Now possible to close by clicking anywhere on the page or hitting Esc.
* Ability to quarantine tracking cookies removed (due to the fact that cookies may reinstall if certain pages are revisited). Now users can either add them to the ignore list or remove them completely.
* Ad-Aware's GUI has an updated tab style and new graphics.

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