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Wireshark 1.10.6 (32-bit)

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# The following bugs have been fixed:
- Customized OUI is not recognized correctly during dissection.
- Properly decode CAPWAP Data Keep-Alives.
- Build failure with GTK 3.10 - GTK developers have gone insane.
- SIGSEGV/SIGABRT during free of TvbRange using a chained dissector in lua.
- MPLS dissector no longer registers itself in "ppp.protocol" table.
- Tshark doesn’t display the longer data fields (mbtcp).
- DMX-CHAN disector does not clear strbuf between rows.
- Dissector bug, protocol SDP: proto.c:4214: failed assertion "length >= 0".
- False error: capture file appears to be damaged or corrupt.
- SMPP field source_telematics_id field length different from spec.
- Lua: bitop library is missing in Lua 5.2.
- GTPv1-C / MM Context / Authentication quintuplet / RAND is not correct.
- Lua: is buggy.
- Lua: ProtoField.bool() VALUESTRING argument is not optional but was supposed to be.
- Problem with CAPWAP Wireshark Dissector.
- nas-eps dissector: CS Service notification dissection stops after Paging identity IE.
# New and Updated Features
- IPv4 checksum verfification is now disabled by default.
# Updated Protocol Support
- AppleTalk, CAPWAP, DMX-CHAN, DSI, DVB-CI, ESS, GTPv1, IEEE 802a, M3UA, Modbus/TCP, NAS-EPS, NFS, OpenSafety, SDP, and SMPP
# New and Updated Capture File Support
- libpcap, MPEG, and pcap-ng

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