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# Vulnerabilities fixed:
- Profinet I/O long loop.
- AllJoyn crash.
- OpenFlow crash.
- DCERPC crash.
- DTN infinite loop.
# Bug Fixex:
- TCP: nextseq incorrect if TCP_MAX_UNACKED_SEGMENTS exceeded & FIN true.
- SMPP schedule_delivery_time displayed wrong in Wireshark 2.1.0.
- Upgrading to latest version uninstalls Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable.
- dmg for OS X does not install man pages.
- Fails to compile against Heimdal 1.5.3.
- TCP: Next sequence number off by one when sending payload in SYN packet (e.g. TFO).
- Follow TCP Stream shows duplicate stream data.
- Dissection engine falsely asserts that EIGRP packet’s checksum is incorrect.
- IEEE 802.15.4 frames erroneously handed over to ZigBee dissector.
- Capture Filter Bookmark Inactive in Capture Options page.
- CLNP dissector does not parse ER NPDU properly.
- SNMP trap bindings for NON scalar OIDs.
- BGP LS Link Protection Type TLV (1093) decoding.
- Application crash sorting column for tcp.window_size_scalefactor up and down.
- ZigBee Green Power add key during execution.
- Malformed AMPQ packets for session.expected and session.confirmed fields.
- Wireshark 2.2.1 crashes when attempting to merge pcap files.
- [IS-637A] SMS - Teleservice layer parameter -? IA5 encoded text is not correctly displayed.
- Failure to dissect USB Audio feature unit descriptors missing the iFeature field.
- MSISDN not populated/decoded in JSON GTP-C decoding.
- E212: 3 digits MNC are identified as 2 digits long if they end with a 0.
- Exception with last unknown Cisco AVP available in a SCCRQ message.
- TShark stalls on FreeBSD if androiddump is present.
- Dissector skips DICOM command.
- UUID (FT_GUID) filtering isn’t working.
- Manufacturer name resolution fail.
- packet-sdp.c allocates transport_info?encoding_name from wrong memory pool.
- Payload type name for dynamic payload is wrong for reverse RTP channels.

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