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Wireshark 2.2.5

By Wireshark.org  (Open Source)
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# Vulnerabilities fixed:
- LDSS dissector crash.
- RTMTP dissector infinite loop.
- WSP dissector infinite loop.
- STANAG 4607 file parser infinite loop.
- NetScaler file parser infinite loop.
- NetScaler file parser crash.
- K12 file parser crash.
- IAX2 dissector infinite loop.
- NetScaler file parser infinite loop.
# Bugs fixed:
- Display filter textbox loses focus during live capturing.
- Wireshark crashes when saving pcaps, opening pcaps, and exporting specified packets.
- tshark stalls on FreeBSD if androiddump is present.
- UTF-8 characters in packet list column title.
- Recent capture file list should appear immediately on startup.
- editcap segfault if a packet length is shorter than ignore bytes parameter.
- dftest segfault with automated build of 2.2.5.
- UMTS MAC Dissector shows Packet size limited for BCCH payload.
- VS2010 win32 ????.
- EAP AKA not being decoded properly.
- Dumpcap crashes during rpcap setup.
- Crash on closing SNMP capture file if snmp credentials are present.
- GPRS-NS message PDU type displayed in octal instead of hexadecimal.