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WinZip 18.0.10661

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By WinZip Computing Inc Shareware

# NEW!
* Zip and share to more clouds
- Protect your files in the cloud and use less space by zipping them first. WinZip 18 lets you connect directly to your cloud services, including Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, CloudMe and SugarSync. Zip before you upload, open zip files saved in the cloud, or select files from the cloud to zip and share.
* Streamlined cloud navigation
- Access and manage your cloud files as easily as you access the files on your computer. WinZip 18 makes it simple to send files to and from the cloud, save between your cloud accounts and monitor your cloud storage space.
* Copy and share Cloud Links
- Quickly send links to your cloud files by email, instant messaging and on social media sites.
* Work faster with WinZip Express Add-Ons
- Bring the power of WinZip into the software you use every day. Download the WinZip Express Add-On for Explorer for free and get instant access to the WinZip features you use most directly within Explorer. Add-Ons are also available for Microsoft Outlook, Photos and SharePoint.
* Compress files even more
- Make Zip and Zipx files even smaller with the enhanced zip engine in WinZip 18.

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