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Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3364

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By Nullsoft  (Freeware)

- Fixed ml playlists migration
- Improved: D3D vsync mode (should fix reported video tearing issues)
- Improved: Use new style dialog for folder browser
- Improved: [in_flac] FLAC streaming support (note: in_flac now also requires nxlite.dll & jnetlib.dll)
- Improved: [in_mp4] Native ALAC playback support (note: alac.w5s was already in beta builds, but will now officially also be included with final builds)
- Misc: All default plugins now include file description & version in properties
- Updated: [libFLAC] FLAC 1.3.0
- Local Media renamed to Library (relevant settings/dialogs also updated accordingly)
- Added notification export for output plugins so they can remove ui hooks when no longer active (will benefit e.g. the 3rd-party out_maiko wasapi plugin, if updated to use it)
- Added a "Winamp Skin Loading Error" message if trying to load a modern skin when support (gen_ff) is not installed
- Implemented name/column sorting of the plug-in prefs pages (replicates gen_nunzio.dll behaviour, which is now deleted by the installer)
- Fixed a potential crash on close with old/messed-up gen_* plugins
- Prefs > Titles: Made the 4th (background) option the default setting
- [winamp/gen_ml/ml_pmp] Fixed non-loaded plugins not being reported correctly
- [ml_autotag] Memory leak fixes
- [ml_playlists] Optimized load speed when a large number of playlists are stored
- [ml_playlists] Added a "View playlist" menu item
- [ml_local] Fixed updating Recently Played on library startup even if song is not playing
- [ml_local] Save cwd when using add files to library dialog
- [aacdec] Fix for ADTS files/streams with CRC, plus other tweaks
- [Safe Mode] Safe .w5s loading support
- [ombrowser] Fixed version detection for IE10
- [in_wave] MIME Type support for WAV (audio/wav)
- [cloud] support for .wav files (more in_wave formats to come later)
- [cloud] Changed cloud streams to use http instead of https
- [cloud] Massively optimized local cloud database (faster load, cut db size down by more than half)
- [cloud] mimetype fixes
- [cloud] mediahash calc, metadata announce & database tweaks/fixes
- [cloud] nuke version bump, please wait for "First pull completed" in Prefs->Cloud Sources->Logging tab before using cloud features
- [ml_cloud] Fixed whcih->which typo in Prefs
- [ml_cloud] Fixed system time being reported as GMT
- [ml_cloud] Added a "Using Custom API/Web URL" message if web_url= & cloud_url= entries exist in gen_ml.ini (note that these lines are no longer required and are auto-deleted with this build)
- [pmp_cloud] fixed display issue with transfer queue
- [pmp_cloud] better dupe detection to prevent re-uploading already uploaded files
- [ml_local/pmp/cloud] show uploading cloud icon in views as applicable on loading
- [pmp] indicate if song is already uploaded to cloud when sending to transfer queue (instead of seemingly doing nothing)
- [ml_pmp] allow sending of files with same metadata but a different extension to cloud devices
- [ml_pmp] fixed "Last Changed" time in Transfers
- [ml_pmp] mem leak fix (beta-specific)
- [ml_plg] possible crash fix
- [ml_playlists] migrate playlists.xml and relevant plf***.m3u8 playlists from Plugins\ml to Plugins\ml\playlists
- [Milkdrop] Updated "missing DX9.0c components" url & message
- [gen_hotkeys] Only save hotkeys when changed
- [gen_hotkeys] Improved message for when hotkeys can't be registered
- [gen_hotkeys] Added "Playback: View current file information" hotkey to remove need for DrO's gen_wolfgang.dll (installer now deletes gen_wolfgang.dll, if present)
- [de-de.wlz] Fixed missing string in in_swf.lng causing crash on About/Config
- More crash fixes from error reports
- Various other tweaks/fixes/optimizations