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Download VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player 1.1.3

By VideoLAN.org  (Open Source)
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- Access and demuxers:
* fixes for FTP relatives path and FTP directory support
* fix for podcasts parsing
* DVD: fix an assert error and various memory leaks

- Taglib:
* fix NULL dereferences, as reported by FortiGuard Lab, CVE-2010-2937 / VideoLAN-SA-1004

- Playlist:
* fix a regression where the wrong entry was played
* fix m3u playlists exports

- Skins2:
* fix video autoresize behaviour

- Translations:
* Update translations for Dutch, Sinhala, Hebrew, Estonian, Spanish and Bengali

- Windows and Mac:
* Update of many codecs libraries, fixing bugs and improving speed

- Mac:
* architecture-specific installations will now be replaced by specific updates

- BSD:
* Add AltiVec detetion for OpenBSD/powerpc