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TortoiseSVN 1.9.3

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- BUG: The DEL key didn't work in the filter box in the log dialog.
- BUG: The %fname was not set when diffing two revisions of the same file from the log dialog.
- BUG: Crash when showing the context menu in the status list control if the class associations couldn't be created.
- BUG: TortoiseMerge: The horizontal scroll bar was wrong if the shown doc had a lot of tabs.
- BUG: Adjusting externals to the HEAD revision used always the same revision if multiple externals were selected.
- BUG: unicode data was not saved properly in the project monitor.
- BUG: Project monitor accepted escaped urls. Automatically unescapes them now.
- CHG: the "break locks" checkbox in the cleanup dialog is now unchecked by default, and remembers its state between sessions.
- BUG: The "create vendor branch" command failed to copy over files that have the svn:needs-lock property set or are otherwise set as readonly.
- BUG: The column "SVN Statusnumber" showed sometimes the wrong value.
- BUG: Repobrowser failed to properly detect SVNParentPath pages which don't use xml output.
- BUG: Adjusting externals used the wrong revision if the external was copied itself but not modified later.
- BUG: The manual pre-commit hook script was executed with an outdated or empty log message.
- BUG: TortoiseIDiff only zoomed one image in overlap mode when zooming with the Ctrl-mousewheel.
- BUG: The tooltip of the tray icon mentioned commit monitor instead of project monitor.
- BUG: project properties in the project monitor were not updated properly.
- BUG: Windows and dialogs were shown with a wrong size if the monitor settings changed.
- BUG: The log dialog could crash if revision zero contained user revprops.
- BUG: "Drop vendorbranch here" could leave the target folder empty if multiple sources where dragged.
- BUG: Possible crash when trimming the action log file.
- BUG: Authentication wasn't properly saved.