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Download TortoiseSVN 1.9.6

TortoiseSVN 1.9.6

By TortoiseSVN  (Open Source)
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What Is the FileHippo Safety Guarantee?


We know how important it is to stay safe online so FileHippo is using virus scanning technology provided by Avira to help ensure that all downloads on FileHippo are safe. The program you are about to download is safe to be installed on your device.


BUG: Crash when applying a patch from a drive root.
BUG: SubWCRev did not account for global ignore patterns.
BUG: TortoiseMerge jumped to the wrong line on startup if the view was collapsed.
BUG: TortoiseMerge: scale whitespace and newline symbol glyphs on High-DPI displays when Show Whitespaces option is enabled.
CHG: Minor performance improvement for all operations when status cache is disabled.
CHG: Improve startup performance of the update operation in common cases.
CHG: Manifest TortoiseBlame and TortoiseUDiff as DPI-aware to avoid blurriness in high dpi mode.
BUG: Icons in the log dialog filter do not render correctly in high dpi mode.
BUG: Flickering mouse cursor when hovering over the log filter edit box.
CHG: New action icons and minor high dpi refinements in the log dialog.
BUG: changes to property-only items were not marked in the log dialog file list.
BUG: SubWCRevCOM choked on empty paths.
BUG: the filter in the recent messages dialog failed to work with uppercase letters.