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TortoiseSVN  1.9.4

By TortoiseSVN  (Open Source)
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* BUG: GDI Resource leak when showing a file list.
* BUG: lifetime issue with path string for long paths.
* BUG: Race condition in the shell extension.
* BUG: Crash in Project Monitor when drag&drop item with children.
* BUG: Small memory leak in commit dialog when doing refresh.
* BUG: Repobrowser lost info about working copy when the revision was changed.
* BUG: Drop-strings were shown wrong.
* BUG: Conflicts were marked as resolved even if the changes could not be saved.
* CHG: Improve text for screen readers in log dialog.
* BUG: Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar was shown in case logwidthmarker is set.
* BUG: The font size in the statistics dialog was wrong, font unreadable.
* CHG: Improved stability of the log cache.
* BUG: TMerge could hang applying a patch.
* BUG: Crash in log dialog when repo root isn't readable.
* BUG: Repo browser slow to close.
* BUG: CodeCollaborator was not properly detected.

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