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The Bat! Home Edition 6.7

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By RITLABS  (Commercial Trial)

# New features
- New dialogue for account creation
- "Auto" character set instead of "None" - The Bat! selects optimal character set for the entered text
- Support of the GB18030 Chinese character set
# Improvements
- By default the charset for new messages in new accounts is "Auto"
- Internal character processing changed from UCS-2 to UTF-16 to support Chinese characters and other rare characters
- Better detection of Chinese, Japanese and Korean user interface fonts
- Reply-To-All now fills TO and CC fields corresponding to the lists in the original messages
- Export of multiple messages is now done accordingly to the message list sort order
- Smarter imported field recognition in address book import from text files with coma- or tab-separated values
# Fixes
- Fixed a bug in charset handling (sometimes The Bat! gave an error like "The message characters cannot be encoded using currently selected "Windows-1252" character set. Please use "Windows-1255")
- Messages with invalid characters encoded into the 936 code page for gb2312 (Chinese Simplified) were shown as empty messages
- New messages were not added to the open MailTicker message lists
- Some Chinese and Japanese charsets weren't handled properly; some charset names were not displayed translated in The Bat! interface
- ISO-2022 characters were improperly encoded in the message headers with Quoted-Printable method. The "<" and ">" should have been also encoded
- Mouse click selection of a viewer/editor text item in View Profile settings was not functional
- Problem with continuing pasted URLs in Quick Reply pane
- Registration keys from some dealers could come from resellers in HTML format where line breaks (CR/LF characters) were not properly formatted as <BR> or prefixed by <CODE>
- Open/Save dialogue was not used when the program was started with the "Disable visual themes" option in the compatibility settings
- The "Message released..." error message after deletion an attachment from a message
- The "Failed to set calendar selected range" error when opening Calendar