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TeamSpeak Client 3.0.14 (64-bit)

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- Updated to Qt 5.2.1. Updated compilers, runtime and third party libraries. This includes a multitude of changes to the TeamSpeak client to ensure transition from Qt 4 to 5. This is a major update under the hood.
- Iconpacks can now be provided as a zip file. See gfx/ Old folders gfx/default and gfx/countries will be emptied on update. Custom iconpacks are still supported. Icons in extracted folders take priority over zip archives if both exist. Note: Plugin authors have to provide their own icons.
- The plugin SDK is now distributed as zip archive in The old pluginsdk folder is no longer updated, original files will be automatically deleted on update.
- Added https support, so the client can now load and display remote icons from https pages. A https server banner will work after the next server release.
- Distribute Windows runtime as DLLs in TeamSpeak installation root instead of using vcredist package. This is a temporary solution until the updater is able to run a downloaded vcredist package post-update if required.
- Unused Qt 4 libraries will be deleted by the updater when the updater starts so not immediately on first update, as the old updater still requires Qt 4).
- Memory usage and overall performance optimizations.
- Plugin API increased to 20. Plugins depending on Qt 4.8 have to be updated.
- Plugin API: Added isDown parameter to requestHotkeyInputDialog function to support PTT key bindings. Note: It's in the now!
- Prevent client from connecting to ports > 65535.
- Missing icons will be shown as a blue bordered icon with a number.
- Inform users when a recording client joins or leaves your channel.
- Permissions window allows to set b_channel_join_ignore_password for server groups, channel groups and clients.
- "Install Overwolf" checkbox in Windows is now remotely controlled by Overwolf server. If down or not reachable, defaults to disabled.
- Cache animated avatars/banners to lower hard disk access.
- On Linux the system tray icon is now hidden by default due to incompatibilities with Qt and freedesktop tray icon standards. It can be activated in the options.
- Privilege key window supports Multi-select for copy to clipboard action.
- Improved integration with Overwolf for their latest 2014-02-03 release.
- Moved chat format buttons from mainwindow into the chat input contextmenu. These actions will now add bbCode tags to the text instead of using a very basic WYSIWYG approach, which is too dependent on Qt CSS formatting risking to break on any Qt update.
- Automatically format *bold* and _underline_ in received chat messages.
- Fixed joystick/gamepad button count.
- Fixed renaming profiles.
- Fixed saving preset messages.
- Removed "Hide in taskbar" option
- Removed "Use double click to activate" option, tray icon activation is nowusing the platform standard behavior (double click on Windows, single click on other platforms)
- Fixed an undefined file transfer status when transfer starts.
- Fixed a possible file transfer crash when transfer starts.
- Updated emoticons display which can now show more icons at once.
- Fixed showing a blank main window when minimizing/maximizing the window quickly.
- PTT key in capture profile is only shown from default hotkey profile.
- Show error message on missing sound files.
- Fixed possible crash when deleting a profile.
- Fixed possible animated avatar freeze.
- Fixed rare crash when increasing identity security level.
- Fixed client name format in client banned message
- Fixed wrong notification ID in channel created event

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