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Download RocketDock 1.2.5

RocketDock 1.2.5

By Punk Software  (Freeware)
User Rating

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- Complete rewrite of rendering code
- Improved performance on systems with newer video cards. Older systems will vary in performance
- Icons now slide and transition smoothly like the OS X dock
- Icons and docklets now bounce when launching or getting your attention
- Icons now do a "poof" animation while deleting
- Icons now are solid so you cannot "click through" transparent areas by mistake
- Added support for RK Launcher skins
- Improved support for skins that use tiling (in various formats)
- Better ObjectDock Docklet SDK support
- Popup on Mouseover no longer interrupts fullscreen applicaitons
- Drag 'n Drop from the Start Menu now works
- Dropping files/folders onto folders in the dock now performs a copy operation
- Dropping files/folders onto any ReycleBin icon will now act properly
- Dropping files/folders onto programs on the dock now launches the program with the dropped file as an argument (much like explorer)
- Added a new error catching system to ensure that RocketDock loads properly. If it has a problem loading it will now ask you if it should revert to defaults
- Redesigned zoom algorithm to solve visual glitches and to support new effects
- Massive restructuring and organization of the entire project
- Simplified and (hopefully) fixed thread syncronization...
- Added "Update" menu item when right-clicking on the dock
- Popup on Mousover now works when using "Always on Top" layering
- New option to treat all your monitors as a single large one
- Fixed a nasty bug where RocketDock would crash while loading
- Fixed separators vanishing durring drag operations
- Fixed unnecessary saving when items are locked and you try to drag one
- Fixed Icon Labels appearing under the dock skin
- Removed Screenshot capabilities due to the new rendering system. This may return in a future version
- Settings are now stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\RocketDock
- Removed Monitor clipping due to the new rendering code...