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Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 139

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By Rainy  ( Freeware )

# Changes:
* Fixes to the free day calendar layout.
* The manager could show current dates for recurring events before the actual start date.
* In advanced skin options it's now possible to move only the default windows to the active list.
* Changed the network and traytip delays to seconds in the settings.
* Failure to read events from Outlook did not always show an error message.
* Changed the way advanced options are handled so that translations won't affect incorrect setting.
* Added "None"-method for Google alarms which disables the default Google Calendar alarms.
* Dragging tasks under different sections in the to do list did not update the item.
* Added option to show the empty days in the event list.
* The default alarm for Outlook events did not dismiss unless the calendar was refreshed.
* It's not possible to use ';'-character in the calendar name since it is a separator when multiple calendars are used.
* The characters on event description were converted to utf-8 in Outlook events.
* Skin windows can be resized with the mouse.
* The EXDATE for events with time is stored as DATE-TIME instead just as DATE.
* Image scaling uses now nearest neighbour algorithm which doesn't give as good results but is much faster. Use Options->Advanced->"Scaling quality" to change the quality.
* Fixed a crash bug in CalDAV when events were using time zones.