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PostgreSQL 9.2.4

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# Changes
* Fix insecure parsing of server command-line switches
* Reset OpenSSL randomness state in each postmaster child process
* Make REPLICATION privilege checks test current user not authenticated user
* Fix GiST indexes to not use "fuzzy" geometric comparisons when it's not appropriate to do so (Alexander Korotkov)
* Fix erroneous range-union and penalty logic in GiST indexes that use contrib/btree_gist for variable-width data types, that is text, bytea, bit, and numeric columns
* Fix bugs in GiST page splitting code for multi-column indexes
* Fix gist_point_consistent to handle fuzziness consistently
* Fix buffer leak in WAL replay
* Ensure we do crash recovery before entering archive recovery, if the database was not stopped cleanly and a recovery.conf file is present
* Avoid deleting not-yet-archived WAL files during crash recovery
* Fix race condition in DELETE RETURNING
* Fix infinite-loop risk in regular expression compilation
* Fix potential null-pointer dereference in regular expression compilation
* Fix to_char() to use ASCII-only case-folding rules where appropriate
* Fix unwanted rejection of timestamp 1999-12-31 24:00:00
* Fix SQL-language functions to be safely usable as support functions for range types
* Fix logic error when a single transaction does UNLISTEN then LISTEN
* Fix possible planner crash after columns have been added to a view that's depended on by another view
* Fix performance issue in EXPLAIN (ANALYZE, TIMING OFF)
* Remove useless "picksplit doesn't support secondary split" log messages
* Remove vestigial secondary-split support in gist_box_picksplit()
* Fix possible failure to send a session's last few transaction commit/abort counts to the statistics collector
* Eliminate memory leaks in PL/Perl's spi_prepare() function
* Fix pg_dumpall to handle database names containing "=" correctly
* Avoid crash in pg_dump when an incorrect connection string is given
* Ignore invalid indexes in pg_dump and pg_upgrade
* In pg_basebackup, include only the current server version's subdirectory when backing up a tablespace
* Add a server version check in pg_basebackup and pg_receivexlog, so they fail cleanly with version combinations that won't work
* Fix contrib/dblink to handle inconsistent settings of DateStyle or IntervalStyle safely
* Fix contrib/pg_trgm's similarity() function to return zero for trigram-less strings
* Enable building PostgreSQL with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
* Update time zone data files to tzdata release 2013b for DST law changes in Chile, Haiti, Morocco, Paraguay, and some Russian areas. Also, historical zone data corrections for numerous places.