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PhraseExpress 9.0.156d

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By Bartels Media GmbH  (Freeware)
Latest Version
PhraseExpress 10.5.16

* Program settings (not phrases!) were deleted when using links to PhraseExpress settings. Side-effect: The settings also contain the phrase file path and the phrases have not been loaded anymore.
- Removed new line at the end of RTF formatted phrases (please edit your RTF phrases and save them to let the bugfix take effect).
- Solved issues with the form dropdown selection menu.
- Added progress bar to backup retrieval selection menu.
- Disabled update check for clients connected to a Firebird SQL server.
- Added option to configure focus change that helps to troubleshoot text pasting issues.
- Re-structured text pasting settings.
- RTF phrases now also works in target programs without RTF support.