Download PeaZip 6.3.0

PeaZip  6.3.0

By Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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- Improved DPI awareness
- New command line directive "-peaziplanguage" to programmatically change application's localization
* second parameter is the name of the localization file, proper localization directory "lang" is resolved by the program example: peazip.exe -peaziplanguage it.txt
* please note if other instances of PeaZip are open, they will overwrite language in configuration when they close
- Added hamburger menu button in tabs bar to provide alternative access to archiving/extraction context menu
- Improved archive creation screen
* Added installer-mode sfx modules for 7z (advanced options tab)
* Replicated archiving action options in main options page (7z/p7zip supported types)
> Provided new update options: update only items already in archive (ignore extra items on disk), and synchronize archive with content on disk (remove items from archive if removed from disk)
* Improved Windows installer
- Archiving, extraction, browsing, and tools groups are now divided by separators for ease of use
- "CRC, hash and file tools" (PeaUtils) was added as default entry
- Localization can now be set from installer

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