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PeaZip 5.5.1

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By Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)

- (Windows) Added support for scanning with Windows Defender
- Information column, when browsing files, shows a note about file types which can be handled through PeaZip
- '+' known archive file type, open with double click
- '.' known file type usually not handled as archive, open with context menu "Open as archive" (i.e. MS Office files)
- Improved links to online resources
- While operating, Pause button is highlighted instead of Stop by default, to prevent unaware click canceling running tasks
- Fixed extraction to new folder from application's drag and drop context menu
- New installation mode: "Update only" install new program's files and keeps existing system integration unchanged (file association, context menu, send to menu)
- Installer shows link to Help and FAQ pages
- ISO files are not associated to PeaZip by default, to avoid overriding system's defaults unless explicitly requested by user
- Configure system integration tool starts Custom installation mode by default, to prompt user all options
# 181 file extensions supported, added support for Microsoft's .mlc Language Interface Pack and .mui Multilingual User Interface