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Paint.NET 4.0.2

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* Changes
- Fixed the gamma and contrast for text rendering on some systems where the wrong values were being used ("rainbow" text)
- Colors window now correctly lets you paste a hex color value that starts with a hash, e.g. #112233
- Gradient tool now lets you reverse a transparency gradient by clicking the right mouse button on one of the handles (regression from 3.5)
- Move Selected Pixels now lets you hold Control to leave a copy of the selected area behind on the initial move (regression from 3.5)
- Paint Bucket tool’s hatch fill modes weren’t working with the Overwrite blending mode (regression from 3.5)
- Fixed a keyboard tabbing issue in the Resize dialog (regression from 3.5)
- Fixed the language setting in the Settings dialog not always allowing you to set it to English if your system’s default language is non-English
- Fixed a performance issue that caused images with many layers (50+) to take a VERY long time to open, close, or even switch away from (regression from 3.5)
- Fixed a rare crash at application exit
- Fixed an issue that prevented 4.0.1 from installing on top of 4.0 when using the MSI (e.g. AD/GPO network deployment)
- Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the installer to take 30+ seconds to appear