Download NVIDIA Forceware 372.54 WHQL Win7 32-bit

NVIDIA Forceware WHQL Vista  372.54

By NVIDIA Corporation  (Freeware)
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# Fixed Issues
- [368.69, GP104] Corrected high DPC latency.
- [Space Engineers] Need SLI profile for DirectX 11 version.
- {Mac OS X] Higher quality CUDA icon needed to take advantage of Retina display.
- [368.69, GeForce GTX 1080] CUDA 7.5 and CUDA 8.0RC fail bandwidth test.
- [SLI, Witcher 3] Shadow darkness intensity changes randomly during gameplay.
- [368.81, Windows 10 x64] Netflix Windows
- Store app stutters in full-screen mode.
- [GeForce GTX 980 Ti, Windows 10 x64] Low
- GPU usage/scaling in
- Guild Wars 2 with SLI + Surround.
- [Call of Duty: Black Ops III] Illegal instruction crashes occur on NVIDIA hardware.
- [Quadro K5000, Windows 10 x64] Hyper-threading performance loss of 4–16 times with recent Quadro drivers compared to 354.56.
- [364.51, Windows 10] After driver update, Steam controller on-screen keyboard shows only white screen.
- [SLI, 368.39, GP104] GTX 1080 SLI can't be enabled if third graphics card installed in system.
- High GPU idle clocks occur with two DisplayPort displays.
- [Steam VR] Vive on the Link Box mini-DisplayPort is not detected after a sleep/resume or a hot unplug/plug
- RFE: Vulkan ability to auto-promote border-less full screen to full-screen exclusive.
- [368.39, Windows 10, Windows 8] Micro-stuttering and lower OpenGL performance compared to Windows 7 occurs on Optimus notebooks.

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