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Download Miro 4.0.2

Miro 4.0.2

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What Is the FileHippo Safety Guarantee?


We know how important it is to stay safe online so FileHippo is using virus scanning technology provided by Avira to help ensure that all downloads on FileHippo are safe. The program you are about to download is safe to be installed on your device.


* Enhancements
- all Width of sidebar not saved between restarts
- all New feeds should have an option to default to list view

* Bug fixes
- all Handle database errors when loading item info cache
- all ngrams takes too much memory
- all Miro only updates feeds once, at startup
- all Error when switching from a unloaded browser tab
- all error on upgrade124
- all audio skipping
- all ValueError on quit, subprocess related
- all can't daap share items downloaded via torrent
- all use after free in fasttypes.c
- all crash when fast resume can't be saved
- all Disable unselecting all listview headers
- all Gzip encoded feeds do not work
- all Missing NULL check in daap_timeout_callback()
- all Change to sidebar item heights (UI)
- all don't scrape numbers out of item titles
- all Delete button in video popout does not stop playback
- all TypeError: list indices must be integers, not unicode
- all error when a file moves outside of miro
- all fix issues with strings
- all Video filters can mess with shuffle logic
- all duplicates in podcast/playlist delete confirmation
- Linu Miro won't download new files !
- Linu miro hangs upon startup due to ipv6 issues
- Linu error: unpack requires a string argument of length 8
- Linu Rendering error in in KDE 4.6 based distros
- Linu miro wrapper not working for debugging
- Linu miro-segmenter gets put in the wrong place
- OS X Feeds fail to update with subprocess
- OS X Deleting a feed may result in empty display
- OS X feedparser can freeze UI
- OS X Crash when not using full path to spawn diskutil
- Wind Unusably laggy with a lot of watched folders/media
- Wind Miro hangs after upgrading database to 4.0
- Wind crash in guidecontroller.pyc/249/KeyError
- Wind An unknown error prevented Miro from startup.
- Wind .miro directories appearing on all hard drives besides C:
- Wind WindowsError in usbutils.pyc line 209