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Download mIRC 7.48

mIRC 7.48

By mIRC Co Ltd  (Shareware)
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What Is the FileHippo Safety Guarantee?


We know how important it is to stay safe online so FileHippo is using virus scanning technology provided by Avira to help ensure that all downloads on FileHippo are safe. The program you are about to download is safe to be installed on your device.


Added SASL/NickServ support as a per server setting.
Added channel central support for +q quiet list.
Added "Control key enables mark/copy" option and the ability to copy single characters.
Added support for middle-click mouse button to close tabs in switchbar/treebar.
Added CAP support for extended-join, account-notify, away-notify, account-tag, invite-notify, and chghost.
Extended $com() to handle one dimensional single-byte array results.
Added sha256 fingerprint to server SSL certificate dialog.
Fixed if/while statement parsing bug.
Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2k library.
Added /ialfill #channel command and extended $ial() identifier.
Extended /ialmark to allow setting multiple, arbitrary marks.
Fixed windows shutdown handling bug that prevented mIRC from saving settings correctly.
Extended $regsub() and $regsubex() to support output to a &binvar.
Changed sound-related routines to use DirectSound to play sounds.
Added "Create new certificate" button to SSL dialog that creates a new self-signed client certificate.
Added $sslcertsha1 and $sslcertsha256 identifiers that return fingerprint of currently loaded client certificate.
Added /drawsize @ <w h> that sets the bitmap size for picture windows.