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MediaInfo 0.7.64

By SARL  (Open Source)
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- New canonical URL of the website:
- Portuguese, Basque and Russian translations updated
- E-AC-3: support of streams having substreams (e.g. more than 6 channels)
- JPEG: detection of YUVA, RGB, RGBA and YCCK color spaces
- MPEG Audio: detection of Id3v1 inside an MPEG Audio frame
- Matroska: support of HEVC/H.265 (based on specifications draft from DivX inc)
- Canopus: detection of scan mode, scan order, pixel aspect ratio
- MD5 generation option (work in progress)
- Id3v2: reading of all Id3v2 blocks (no more only the first one) at the beginning of the file
- MPEG-4: support of few additional iTunes tags, thanks to Kurtnoise
- AVI: detection of Ut Video, thanks to Kurtnoise
- MXF: detection of Dolby E even if EssenceCompression is not SMPTE 337
- AIFF: detection of Dolby E
- AIFF: detection of not aligned Dolby E
- ARIB B24/B37: Caption_conversion_type display (HD, SD, Mobile)
- MPEG-TS: displaying CEA-708 service and CEA-608 presence if the corresponding ATSC descriptor is present
- MPEG-TS: quicker analysis in the case of quick parsing option
- Matroska: Handling of files having no DocType
- MPEG-TS/ARIB: crash with some streams, thanks to maki
- Matroska: was parsing the complete file if a stream indicated in the header is not present
- MXF: detection of incoherency of channel count between bitstream and wrapper
- Matroska: detecting 23.976 frame rate (instead of 23.962 fps due to imprecise timestamp)
- QuickTime: detection of time codes having tcmi not embedded in tmcd box
- RMVB: a/v delay is incorrect, currently disabling it
- MPEG-4, crash with some MPEG-4 files
- MPEG-4, crash with some MPEG-4 files
- AVC: wrong parsing of some streams having pic_scaling_matrix
- AVC, crash with some AVC streams
- AAC, infinite loop with some AAC streams
- FLV, infinite loop with some FLV files
- Matroska: crash with some malformed files
- MOV: crash/long parsing with some malformed files
- AC-3: crashes and freezes fix
- Java 64-bit: Count_Get(StreamKind) was always returning 0
- Python 64-bit: Count_Get(StreamKind) was always returning 0
- DTS: some streams were not detected
- DTS: some memory leaks with 14-bit streams
- SMPTE ST 302: memory leaks
- SMPTE ST 337: memory leaks
- Total failure if MEDIAINFO_REFERENCES_NO #define was used
- QuickTime: Time code name is in "Title" field
- MPEG-4/QuickTime: handling of weird "negative" frame duration is stts