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MediaInfo 0.7.62

By SARL  (Open Source)
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- ARIB STD B24/B37 caption detection (both Japanese and Brazilian versions)
- LXF: support of AVC, VC-3, MPEG audio, AC-3, Dolby E, and AAC detection and analysis
- AC-3: support of 22.05 kHz streams (out of specs but they exist)
- MOV: AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) scan type detection
- MOV: support of AVID metadata (interlacement information)
- Time code dedicated tracks (MOV, MXF, GXF)
- Time code track (MPEG-4/MOV, GXF, MXF)
- Time code in SDTI (MXF)
- Time code in System scheme 1 (MXF)
- Time code in SMPTE RP 188 (aka SMPTE ST 12-2 aka ATC aka VANC) (GXF, LXF, MXF)
- Time code in SMPTE RP 196 (aka HANC)
- MPEG Video Time code
- MPEG-TS: format_identifier, pointer_field, section_length (hidden by default)
- CEA-608/708: caption detection duration is increased to 15 seconds (or 64 MB) in order to miss less caption content
- Image files as a video stream: file name of the last file
- MOV: crash with some malformed files (Time scale set to 0)
- AAC: crash with some malformed streams
- AVI: was not analyzing VBR streams without bit rate info in header
- Division by 0 with 0-byte files
- Id3v2: crash with some malformed tags
- Bit rate display was "0 bps" if the real bit rate is more than 4 Gbps
- Division by 0 in case of 0 byte long file
- MPEG-4: wrong muxing mode information in case of A/53 captions in MPEG Video in MOV
- P2 Clip: wrong uppercase/lowercase in the file name of source files.
- MOV: PCM endianness was sometimes wrong
- MPEG-4: JPEG interlacement was sometimes wrong
- MPEG Video: wrong DAR information in case of DAR change between begin and end of the file