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Download MediaInfo 0.7.59

MediaInfo 0.7.59

By MediaArea.net SARL  (Open Source)
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What Is the FileHippo Safety Guarantee?


We know how important it is to stay safe online so FileHippo is using virus scanning technology provided by Avira to help ensure that all downloads on FileHippo are safe. The program you are about to download is safe to be installed on your device.


- License: Switched back to LGPLv2+Exceptions
- PCX support
- PSD support
- Matroska: ALAC detection
- OGG/MKV: Opus speech format support
- AVI: detecting more inconsistencies in stream durations
- GXF: crash with Time code tracks without frame rate info
- MPEG-4: stream order (hidden by default), in order to provide the same numbers as mkvtoolnix 5.2+ Track ID
- QuickTime: default channel map is "L R" for stereo streams (as it seems to be in QuickTime player)
- MPEG-4: support of WMA (version 1, version 2, Pro, Lossless) in MPEG-4
- FLV: handling of metadata with an underscore before the real metadata name
- MXF: support of files with header missing TrackNumber in the descriptor (if it is present only in footer)
- MXF: Language from DMS-1
- ProRes: analysis of the ProRes raw stream (including scan order for interlaced content)
- colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients: canonicalization of results
- MPEG-4 Visual: colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients
- ProRes: colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients
- GIF: Display Aspect Ratio
- different behavior depending of compilation options (so Linux version was missing some info)
- MPEG-4: audio/video delay was wrong in case of negative delay
- CEA-608: Memory leaks removed
- AVC: crash in case of analyzing some invalid SEI
- MPEG Audio: crash with some files having Lyrics 2 tags
- MPEG Audio: crash with some files having APE tags
- AVI: secondary genre comes after primary genres in the "Genre" field
- FLV: better handling of files containing more than 1 meta chunk
- MPEG-TS/MPEG-PS: was aborting during full parsing in the case of very damaged streams
- Vorbis: infinite loop if codebook_entries>=256
- Id3v2: crash with some unsynchronized frames, especially with UTF-16 comments
- Id3v2: Wrong mime type of covers
- MPEG-PS: crash in case of language info in descriptors
- Java binding: crash with MediaInfo::Inform() (Windows 32-bit only)
- MPEG-TS: false-positive in case of some MPEG-4 files with wrong extension
- FLV: crash in some specific cases (malformed files)
- MVC: Scan type was wrong with MVC-only (without the underlying AVC stream) stream
- MPLS: stream duration was wrong with standalone (without the referenced M2TS) files
- MPLS: incoherent behavior with MPLS having more than one PlayListItem
- MPEG-TS: crash with some corrupted streams
- MOV: all EIA/CEA-608 captions were not well detected
- Matroska: Trying to better detect VFR streams, frame rate was wrong in case of interlaced content