Download MediaInfo 0.7.86

MediaInfo  0.7.86

By SARL  (Open Source)
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- Linux/Mac: more output formats (PBCore, EBUCore, FIMS).
- FFV1 parsing optimization, avoiding by default a too verbose trace.
- Matroska: more elements support and typo fixes in the trace.
- Trace feature: provide the name of the main parser in the media element.
- Matroska: consider all values below 0x10 EBML names as 1-byte junk.
- Matroska: better support (including speed improvement) of huge lossless frames (e.g. 20 MB FFV1 4K).
- Python binding: Python 2 on Linux does not automatically provide the locale to the shared object.
- HTML output: don't escape carriage returns from the input file.
- FFV1: some streams were rejected despite the fact they are valid.
- Python binding: some errors during call of Get() API with Python3 on Linux/Mac.

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