Download MediaInfo 0.7.87

MediaInfo  0.7.87

By SARL  (Open Source)
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- Spanish and catalan languages updated, thanks to Sergi Medina.
- Refactoring of the trace feature, for better performance and some bug fixes.
- Visual C++ 2012 project files removed.
- Review of symbols display, now using standard display (e.g. "k" instead of "K", " min" instead of "mn"...).
- XML output: revert to old versioning method (version is MediaInfo software version).
- I63, EBUCore/FIMS outputs: typo correction about WritingLibrary and WritingApplication.
- Matroska: files with CodecPrivate element before CodecID element where not always correctly parsed.
- OGG: crash/incoherent behavior with some buggy OGG streams having invalid chunk sizes.

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