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Download Macrium Reflect 5.1.5856

Macrium Reflect 5.1.5856

By Paramount Software UK Ltd  (Non-Commercial Freeware)
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# New:
* Compatibility with Tablet PCs using 32 Bit UEFI boot
- Reflect now supports Windows PE restoring on 32 bit UEFI boot PCs such as the Lenovo Tablet 2 series.
* Warning message in log for incomplete backup sets
- When creating an Incremental backup a warning message is now written to the log file if the backup set doesn't have all files in the backup target folder.
* Spin up delay
- If the backup target folder cannot be located when running a backup then an automatic delay of 5 seconds is initiated before retrying to allow for disks spinning up from sleep.
# Bug fixes:
* UEFI CD boot problem
- If the 'Prompt for key press option..' was enabled when creating a UEFI booting CD then this could cause the CD not to be loaded when booting. This is a generic problem with UEFI booting media and the option is no-longer available in the rescue wizard.
* Clone failure when expanding an XP partition
- A disk clone could fail to complete if an XP partition is resized larger. This has been resolved.
* Failure email not sent
- If an incremental or differential backup failed with the message 'Failed to load image file' then failure emails may not be sent. This has been resolved
* File and Folder backup mounting issue
- File and Folder backups could fail to mount in Windows Explorer if the backup file is located on a mapped network share. This has been resolved
* Program error
- Reflect could raise a program error if a scheduled incremental backup references an xml file that has been delete or renamed. This has been resolved.
* Alternative locations issue
- When using 'Alternative locations' for backup target rotations a Full backup may be created when a Differential or Incremental was expected. This has been resolved.