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LibreOffice 5.0.0 RC 2

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# Bugs fixed :
* DOCX import: inline picture should have no spacing
* Allow entire column or entire row ranges in formulae, e.g. A:A or 1:1
* FILEOPEN: docx import regression: graphic is not displayed
* Meta: incomplete Sifr icon theme
* Meta: Enhancing Impress/Draw toolbars and context menu
* Losing endnotes in table cell when reading docx in Writer
* DOCX: Images anchored with 'as character' should have no spacing
* DOCX:bullets picture is big
* EDITING Entire column/row formula incorrectly changes on row/column deletion
* ICONS: Parent icon theme links.txt duplicate records not used in child themes
* wrong defaults for format/orientation in printsettingsdialogs of printerdrivers
* .ui based Docking windows don't have title bars (Windows only)
* UI:Cursors other than the default work but are not displayed
* Updated Catalan bundled dictionaries (spellchker, hyphenation, thesaurus)
* FILEOPEN: Docx importer squishing doughnuts
* StartCenter minimum size now too small with addition of Recent Files button
* UI: Dragging a field from the Data Sources window into a document no longer works
* When opening an RTF file with bracketed \sub or \super in a footnote, the text body is parsed wrongly, and terminates prematurely
* Appear Document recovery Dialog (Crash?) when open formula bar, and restart LibO
* Crash after exiting source code mode in Writer Web
* headless renderer not doing mask based clipping ...
* Crash of Basic IDE when renaming a Module
* Accessibility completely broken with gtk3 plugin