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LibreOffice 4.2.0 RC 2

By LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)
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# Bugs fixed :
* OOo - docx document crashes Writer when using internal OOXML filter
* fix file coruption caused by comments' doc export
* read elements/attribs written to extension namespace
* blind fix for renamed OS X restore-state file
* RTF shape import: shpz has priority over dhgt
* let "Default ..." currency entry follow selected locale
* typos in icon themes' link.txt
* prepare to accept loext:contextual-spacing
* RTF filter: import RTF_CLMGF and RTF_CLMRG
* hyphens are not visible in tagged PDF
* use proper LanguageTag fallback instead of dumb startsWith()
* sw: fix mirrored page style with first-page
* sw: brown paper-bag fix for header sharing mangling footers
* fix version dependency for linux package - 2nd try
* allow reading firebird Blob as InputStream.
* fix Page Style method isInUse() broken
* sw: fix crashes when changing header first sharing
* related Correct arrow heads for new installations.
* LibreOfficeWin32.conf: add --enable-ia2
* fix the tip of the Small Arrow line end.
* revert "after updating m_xComposer, command facets are not dirty"
* RTF import: fix crash on rotated, but not imported groupshape
* ODF import/export: fix handling of style:page-number
* revert "after updating m_xComposer, command facets are not dirty"
* character line break is set to 0 Options/.../Writing Aids
* resolve by adding missing break
* case-insensitive string comparison in GETPIVOTDATA.
* safe fix for 4-2
* text field doesn't horizontally expand
* revert "after updating m_xComposer, command facets are not dirty"
* keep setting system locale and LanguageTag in sync
* ODF export: don't export spurious style:display="false"
* strip const-ness from pointer value when setting it to storage.
* correct rounding of time part of DateTime
* prepare to read loext:vertical-justify
* sort languages in Windows custom install tree view
* evaluate criteria on the query range
* crash when you open ODFver.1.0/1.1 created by LibO-3.5/3.6
* custom shapes have improper size.
* fix handling of range parameters in COUNT
* simplify the selection function logic & calculate correct results.
* enable localization of tooltips in Math Elements Dock
* avoid call crash on spell-check + unit test.
* python3: upgrade to version 3.3.3
* not string cell does not mean no string at cell
* fix switched true/false explanation for HYPGEOM.DIST
* undo name for 'Covariance' is different
* undo name for 'Chi Squared' is different
* librelogo: path, interop. and color name fixes
* added EUR/EEK and EUR/LVL factors for internal CONVERT()
* always advance the iterator to avoid an infinite loop.
* Add PenWidth attribute to css::presentation::XSlideShowController
* [ia2] charmap accessibility fails for code points beyond the unicode baseplane