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LibreOffice 4.1.3 RC 1

By LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)
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# Bugs fixed:
* Template:CID nOfs <= nPersistPtrAnz
* Template:CID initialize buffer
* Template:CID initialize buffer
* Template:CID mem leak
* Template:CID clip word 2 pap bounds
* 0 width or height in //v:shape[@style] produces weird results
* DOCX import: fix auto para spacing without compat option
* Impress disregards Master Slide setting of text area
* EDITING YEARFRAC function returns incorrect results for some dates
* Comments in Writer: UI: Cursor does not move to new line
* FILESAVE: Password corrupted/lost on save as openoffice 1.0 format
* 10x speedup of saving a new entry to a large autocorrect replacement table
* Mac OSX Installer background images offset on OSX 10.7.x and later
* Numbers with percent signs not detected as numbers in French
* unreadable text used during installation on Windows XP
* FILEOPEN: Import problem: Word docx document with multi-page table
* Copy Paste from Impress break Writer's Heading Styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc)
* UI: The color line tool (toolbar "Line and Filling ") is not updated
* uno.py Importing bindings causes python to crash.
* Missing picture in Germanophone OLH under index certificate
* Rtf files don't look right
* Autocorrect entries with formatting cannot be added
* Other: Color Setting Preview Mismatched
* Cannot import or read imported tiff images
* EDITING:[Regression] Page Break is Inserted Unintentionally
* Diacritics problem with Graphite fonts
* FILESAVE: Style Font name incompatible with older versions
* FILEOPEN: 8 page word document only displays page one
* DOCX embedded Math OLE mangled on WIndows
* ODF import: counter (like "1") added to picture names
* Highlighter icon doesn't change color if no text is selected
* Copying data from Base-table to Calc by drag and drop without registered database impossible
* REPORTBUILDER: Wrong order by-clause generated by reportbuilder
* crash when "My Macros/Standard" empty on closing last document the Basic IDE was using, and then giving IDE window the focus
* PRINTING: Print dialog with GTK have an empty and no name tab
* Copy paste from impress to writer broken [Miklos Vajna]
* EDITING: Hitting DEL not only deletes the Cell content, but also removes formatting
* Base .ODB projects are not being picked up on Windows 7 "Recent Items" listing, nor showing as Jump List items for the LO Base launcher
* ImportError().with_traceback doesn't exists in Python2
* Impress crashes using the sidebar
* Crash exporting to pdf with IFAOGrec Unicode font
* AtkListener::disposing(): delay notification
* writer crash at SwPostItMgr::GetSidebarWidth (this=this@entry=0x0, bPx=bPx@entry=true)
* Saved password-protected SXW files cannot be opened again
* Libreoffice crashes at start - Segfault