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LibreOffice 4.0.3 RC 1

By LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)
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# Bugs fixed
- import w:tblLayout of DOCX tables
- OOXML import: A shape with background are missed when importing xlsx.
- rehash basic unit test framework
- unittest and test data for
- dereference after null check
- logically dead code
- Copy/Cut icons on Basic IDE won't be enabled properly
- Text in frame anchored to top margin not correctly exported to RTF
- Table Number Format not modified for empty table cells
- text: parentheses and brackets "(...) [...]" inverted to ")...( ]...[" with some fonts
- EDITING: Comments added to footer are placed at the right top of the page.
- Oracle Report Builder date calculation error
- Cell Border works backwards on Right-to-Left spreadsheet
- FILEOPEN RTF: frame contents (graphics & text) missing when imported
- Failure to read correct border info from OOXML (2nd edition) XLSX files
- RTL numbering with wrong direction in Textbox
- Hyperlinks are missing after closing
- EDITING Copying text with non default bullets corrupts presentation, ultimately crashes Impress
- Cross-references in Master Document report Error: Reference source not found
- System::Beep() removal
- FILESAVE: LibreOffice corrupts XLSX file
- UI: Calc doesn't take care of security setting "Ctrl-click required to follow hyperlinks"
- UI: Sort: can use more than 3 criteria once only
- FILEOPEN: Crash when opening particular RTF document with TABLES
- Libreoffice base copies from wrong row of a read-only table control with Ctrl+C
- Draw instead of russian show obscure characters in CDR file (Corel Draw 12 format)
- VIEWING: Text range annotation limited to a single paragraph
- Condition for hidden section replaced by "0"
- UI: 'Paste Special - Shift Cells' options availability not logical
- No sound with statement "beep"
- Cell Borders of last(Right most) coumn is missing in RTL Table in impress
- FILEOPEN: Writer doesn't display all table cells in DOCX file
- Text written with Graphite Font (e.g Linux Biolinum G) Mirrored when the context direction is Right-to-left
- FILEOPEN: FORMATTING of value-related color, localized decimal separator and Currency VIEWING need Complete Recalculation
- Writer behaves erratically when reverse replacing $ with nothing
- PIVOTTABLE: Calc crashing when using GETPIVOTDATA on pivottable that has automatic subtotals
- EDITING: Text selection in the entire table is undone when some format is applied
- Brackets (..),{..},[..] inverted )..(,}..{,]..[ when switch to RTL text direction with all fonts (Affect : calc, impress, draw).
- Borders disappear while merging some cells in RTL tables (impress/draw)
- [Template manager] Can not import template after descending into directory
- Impress Remote: Non-English characters in speaker notes garbled
- [Template manager] Template Manager in 4.0 does not remember last open folder
- RTL UI: handout show boxes out of page border
- FILEOPEN, FILESAVE create document as odt, save as docx , corrupts
- ODBC: (LONG)(VAR)CHAR fields over 1023 characters, but below 2048 characters, cause garbage text
- EDITING: Writer crashes when pasting RTF footnote
- Dialog box for Background style in Style and Formatting pane not correctly displayed
- improper display
- [Template Manager] Access to features as Properties, Set as default, Delete is difficult
- ACCESSIBILITY: [Template Manager] All key board navigation is lacking
- LibreOffice doesn't remember the setting "Hierarchy" of the Styles and Formatting dialog
- REPORTBUILDER: Creating a basic report crashes
- PDF: Error in exporting vector graphics to PDF
- FILEOPEN particular .RTF: VIEWING with unexpected character background color
- [EDITING], [REGRESSION], [CRASH] - Using Data | Validity crashes Calc
- EDITING: comments window in RTL UI not working well
- Mid statement doesn't work as expected
- CRASH when trying shortcuts in PRINTING dialog
- configure fails because libGLU needs -lGL to link
- EDITING: In RTL letter numbering bullets aren’t displayed properly in edit view.
- FILEOPEN table embedded in ODT: : style BAR not applied to FOO
- Libreoffice crashes after upgrade while using formula bar
- FORMATTING: Cell reference inside conditional format will not move when row is inserted/removed before first conditional format row
- debug warning fr_LU != fr_LU locales don't match
- FORMATTING: programme crash when applying gradient to Impress master page background
- RTF: Gap added inside tables (regression)
- Affixed forms of %, §, °C aren't recognized by the Hungarian spell checker
- FORMATING: incorrect matching of border lines in 'Table Format' dialog for RTL Table
- FILESAVE .ods with double size of vertically flipped (triangle) drawing shape anchored to cell
- libcdr: cdr import faulty -> Incorrect alignment of the ellipses
- sdremote: frequent crashes ...
- CRASH - Template Manager dumps core on closing after browsing templates
- FILEOPEN RTF : table not displayed
- EDITING: calc crash with some cell input containing digits and space in locales with space group separator
- UI: formula editor: Reorder toolbars, so "File Save" icon is on the left
- EDITING: Calc crash when entering single cell matrix formula with ROW() or COLUMN()
- PIVOTTABLE: Crash while using pivot table with accessibility enabled
- Impress forces excessive Xorg utilization and eventually crashes the window manager
- ICU Regex: look-ahead and look-behind are not work well with replacement
- PPT Import:Cell background color in table gets lost while opening a ppt file with AOO
- Some numbering format not support
- Line transparency value is lost after saving as another ppt by AOO
- Formula GETPIVOTDATA returns #REF! value
- Crash when changing a shape background on OSX
- Apache Find/Replace Flaw in OpenOffice 3.4.0
- Regular expressions Search for bold word select all paragraph
- some regular expressions fail unless "match case" is also ON
- Draw - glue points are incorrect for right triangle?
- Upper gluepoint of Isosceles Triangle is wrong when moving the handle.
- manipulation with larger tables in impress is very slow
- Slide show mode inverts outputs
- Crash in Impress when right-clicking selected word
- libreoffice-impress crashes (divide by 0 in valueset.cxx pageup/down handler)