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LibreOffice 4.0.2 RC 2

By LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)
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# Bugs fixed:
* keep migrating more user extensions after one failed
* [EDITING] Calc decreases one day of a date typed (Brazilian-portuguese locale and timezone)
* EDITING: Error bars values become Y-values when copying charts from calc to writer
* Linux: Unable to "Save" (or "Save As") New Document on Samba (gvfs) Mounted Share
* UI: Autocorrect Options can not be closed using 'Close-X' at the top right corner of dialog
* Small errors in the layout margins of the text boxes
* Wrong result because 'Property Let' fails to execute
* FILEOPEN, FILESAVE, "Could not save document, error in writing sub document context.xml" then corrupt file.
* Saving particular odg file resets font formatting
* FORMATTING: crash when switching between left and right page
* FILESAVE Libreoffice hangs when exporting a particular .ods to .xlsx
* Libvisio: Visio document cannot be opend by Draw
* Turkish Lira sign should precede numbers, not follow
* displaying of object groups having subobjects on different layers is broken [David Tardon]
* TABLE: Splitting a table options are mixed
* Libreoffice causing errors when SAVING files by gvfs-mount (Samba)
* Slide show mode inverts outputs
* Crash in Impress when right-clicking selected word
* Converting String to Double