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LibreOffice 4.0.2 RC 1

By LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)
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# Bugs fixed
* fixed floating tables import in writerfilter
* ressource leak
* EDITING: Report-Builder - Print when Group change has no function
* Draw instead of russian show obscure characters in CDR file (Corel Draw 12 format)
* FILEOPEN : Import RTF file but ole are not well positioned in table/cells
* FILEOPEN: particular MSO2007 .docx document is "shortened" (part of contents missing)
* [FORMATTING, EDITING] Typing an existing style name into Style box changes hierarchy of styles
* Import CDR files with polish characters
* PIVOTTABLE time-format gone
* FILEOPEN particular .CDR shows element in too low vertical position
* Accessible Text Interface not updating until word boundary at caret offset
* FILEOPEN: Drawings are shown at wrong position
* Not all personal data imported during install from /3 User Profile
* Wrong Chinese conversion: 著 & 着
* Conditional formatting gets corrupted after deleting the contents of some cells.
* FILEOPEN: Importing CSV file, data columns disappear if binary 0 in data
* Calc - CRASH when using Validity
* libcdr: cdr import faulty -> postition of the circles wrong
* REGRESSION FILEOPEN: RTF import doesn't handle list types correctly
* ]FILEOPEN] spreadsheet doesn't show error bars
* Unable to select data for error bars in calc
* Send Document as email fails, when application is installed to a directory with a space
* RTF import wrong shape order and coloring problems
* EDITING: Data sort dialog box is bigger
* docx document content not shown, several pages missing
* Show Variable field shows no content in Page Header/Footer, Frames
* FORMATTING: Date with [~buddhist] always show the year with 4 digits
* PRINTING: Printing: Print dialogue looks stripped and flat
* FILEOPEN: Incorrect argument to UNO call at NumberingManager.cxx:650 result in crash due to negative tab stop position
* FILEOPEN: Open docx result in crash/STL assertion due to recursive calls to deleteMark
* Autocorrect data for Catalan
* Updated bundled Catalan dictionaries
* FILESAVE: Moving cells after saving
* EDITING: Values in correlated subquery were not shown in queries.
* Dialog box for Background style in Style and Formatting pane not correctly displayed
* FILEOPEN: Writer crashes while opening this docx file
* Prevent smartphone is locked when you are making a presentation
* [DE] UI: Writer 'Character Style - Name field' to short
* [Template manager] Delete a template is done without asking for confirmation
* broken export of title (metadata) to RTF format
* Error while running libreoffice4.0: no suitable windowing system found, exiting.
* Turkish Default Currency symbol changed but not included
* broken functionality on Page Layout tab
* unhelpful dictionary entries...
* FILEOPEN a large (19MB) XLSX file very slow
* Error bars of charts created via cell range in Calc are lost after saving and reopening
* Hierarchical filter hard to find
* File conflicts between language packs
* [From Symphony]Picture is lost when opening sample PPT file
* [From Symphony]Pie chart height becomes greater when open Excel file
* svg: wrong rendering for gradientUnits="objectBoundingBox"
* [fix available] segfault at chart creation in lcl_getExplicitSimpleCategories
* [a11y] Freeze on filtering in Calc
* thread deadlock/slow join in insert->hyperlink in impress
* can't copy text from a read-only document in Calc
* CVE-2013-0900 icu: Race condition allows remote attackers to cause a DoS [fedora-all]