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LibreOffice 4.0.0 RC 2

By LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)
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# Bugs fixed:
* automatically rotate chart labels (if overlapping).
* DOCX import: parse group shapes in oox only
* fix cell border line properties
* PPTX Export - background image fit to slide.
* [PPTX] Flip gradient fill as well.
* Docs don't mention that time format using [] is needed to show hours non-modulo 24
* Crash when previewing the Pgtextje.ttf font in the font list
* UI: Under Style and Formatting, clicking Apply always resets to initial tab
* changing zoom in Writer makes the display jump to wrong page
* Missing Circles and Ovals toolbar.
* FILESAVE as .RTF will show subscript and superscript with normal font height instead of reduced height
* Large UserInstallation's user/extensions/bundled/ tree
* [Notes] Weird interaction of notes/comments with undo. Insert/Comment is grayed out.
* Unable to localize key names
* CRASH: segfault while closing an Impress file
* add calc functions IFERROR and IFNA as in ODFF1.2
* : Calc sorts columns incorrectly
* First character before ranged comment cannot be edited or removed
* Localization problem for GoogleDocs extension
* FILESAVE in different path structure destroys relative hyperlinks
* Introspection on Anchor of TextTable crashes LO
* Controls in dialog Data > Sort invisible after starting
* VIEWING: In Libreoffice 4.0 Beta1, Writer fail to find other fonts for displaying unicode characters.
* Paste Special cells "As RTF" from Calc immediately undone
* FILESAVE: Creating a new document version no longer working
* CRASH with option - general - USE DIALOG BOX Libo if folder contains a file with Pipe car.
* Options->Writing Aids doesn't list the available bundled language modules
* FILEOPEN: Reload no longer refreshes external links in 4.0
* documents that crash Libreoffice Calc master from 18.12.2012
* EDITING: copy and paste of CHART from Calc looses Y values
* UI: program crash/file recovery dialog looks unfinished
* FORMATTING: Condition type dropdown box is too small
* FORMATTING: IconSet not working correctly
* Terms necessary for the translate are not available
* paragraph styles line spacing does not stick when also specifying non-zero left and right margins
* FORMATTING: conditional formats can easily be created without a specified range (especially iconset)
* FILEOPEN: Crash when trying to open attachment
* Button not localized
* [CRASH] FILEOPEN : master document with linked template modified
* Extension upgrade fails with error "Cannot create folder"
* FILEOPEN: RTF-filter; Addition of empty paragraphs in table’s cells
* Copy and paste chart fails if the source sheet does not have the default name
* duplicated sections
* PIVOTTABLE refreshing with date group field crashes
* resizing sort dialog breaks scollbar and disables all entries
* Crash on opening Properties from print dialog second time
* site link is wrong
* Styles only used in CONDITIONAL FORMATTING not copied with sheet to new document
* Double scrollbar for special characters dialog
* EDITING: Copy 4 or more slides then crash
* [PERSONAS] Artifacts left when personas run out of content
* Some buttons in Basic dialog needs localization
* [Personas] No image behind toolbars
* FORMATTING: Thai number shown as Arabic numerals
* Writer and Fax wizards do not work
* Mail merge setting test stopped working
* FILESAVE: table lost borders after save as DOCX
* FILEOPEN: .xlsx: function TDIST not recognized
* FILEOPEN: .ods: error values in array formula result not preserved when cached
* Crash using the new conditional formatting option "Icon set" (part II)
* Windows installer visibly escapes double quotes
* RTF: Inserting RTF into footnote fails
* Default dictionary set for Russian
* Russian spellcheck extensions has incorrect version number.
* Default dictionaries set for Spanish UI
* Default dictionaries set for Catalan UI
* "Bright Blue" Template: Footer is duplicated
* Broken mirrored page layout
* SwFmtAnchor::SetAnchor assert on loading a given document
* FILEOPEN: Lost all text in particular file (regression)
* FORMATTING: cells don't remember center line data bars
* EDITING: Cannot use formula with user-defined function
* Spelling error — Heigth
* remove ui string and help content regarding usage of Java Mail for Mail Merge
* After using first time the dictionary wizard stops working
* make SDK to an optional officemodule
* [abrt] libreoffice-writer- SwCrsrShell::GetCrsr: Process /usr/lib64/libreoffice/program/swriter.bin was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)